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July 10, 2016 - Is it the same Tin Foil Hat?

Just Joe and EVDPresent were, EVD, Just Joe, R.J., and Dustin. We revisited the year 1983 for three hours. Part of an interview was aired that Azkath had conducted with Rayman James, of the band Malice, followed by one of their songs. They're cool. Just Joe was still wearing his tin foil hat that he had been wearing the last time he was here, to protect him from Azkath using mind control on him. By the end of the night it had a name, Hatty. Hatty got passed around by various people, and crumpled. Near the end of the night, Just Joe had it back, but they kept confusing him, asking him if he was sure it was his Hatty, maybe they had crumpled it up and thrown it in the road, and replaced it with an impostor? also, Azkath said he had a message to read from a sponsor. It said, "This edition of "The Last Exit For The Lost" was brought to you by the three spiders hiding on Just Joe's body". Just Joe freaked out, looking frantically for the spiders, even throwing Hatty on EVD's head to do so. At the end of the night, Just Joe was still confused about if it was his Hatty, but then he asked Chuck, of "The Salt Creek Show" if it was the right one, Chuck said it was, an that was all the convincing Just Joe needed. There were segments of Movie Time, some books were discussed as well. Topics were discussed like the Poki Mon To Go game, and, a particularly bad wrestling match between The Hardy Brothers in TNA. Some more of those "Shower Thoughts" from Tumbler were read. Too bad The Late Not So Great Zoltan wasn't there, he would have been in his glory, three hours of metal from his absolute favorite year, 1983! But, a clip from a "The Best Of The Last Exit For The Lost" was played, where he talks about 1983... Nathan was absent because he was attending Bronie Con, even though he is no longer a Bronie. Last year he spent $500 there! Nathan, again, Let me take some of that money off your hands, you obviously have plenty of it to waste! I'm sure we will hear all about Bronie Con, and the event he was at last week, Furry Fest, when he returns. Nathan, you freak!

- Fire Eater Wizard


June 26, 2016 - The Tin Foil Hat

Joe and NathanPresent were, Nathan, EVD, Just Joe, and, R.J.. Just Joe arrived wearing a tin foil hat, which he said was to protect him from Azkath using his telepathic powers to control his mind and make him do stuff. They kept trying to confuse him all night, which isn't that hard to do, it is Just Joe, after all, by making him doubt whether he was doing, or not doing, stuff because he wanted, or didn't want to, or because of mind control. At the end of the night, Azkath hypnotized Just Joe into thinking his tin foil hat was Cuppy, the cup Just Joe had drawn a face on a decade ago, he had named it Cuppy, and had been severely traumatized when it was deliberately destroyed. Now everyone was trying to touch his hat, Just Joe became more and more agitated, and finally ran out of the building, screaming.

R.J. has a new band, which will soon be performing live for us, as soon as they have a name (Rip Open the Sky), among other things.

We spotlighted musically the year 1982.

Azkath aired part of an interview he had conducted with Jeff Martin, the vocalist for the band Blasted to Static. He has also been a part of countless other bands, including Racer-X. Before the interview, a Racer X song was played, and, at it's conclusion, a Blast To Static song was played. You can find the full interview in the Interview section of the page.

A bunch more clips from "The Best Of The Last Exit For The Lost" CD's were played, featuring such voices from the past as The Late And Not So Much Lamented Zoltan, Vern, Shoebox, Crappy The Clown, Rub Mc'Groin, Chuck The Canadian, and others, as it was the final LE in the month of June, and we have been looking back all month, as June third marked the twenty second Anniversary of Azkath's taking over running the program. A couple more of the many, many bands who have been here in some way or another were featured as well. 

-Fire Eater Wizard


May 29, 2016 - Nick Menza Tribute


RJ and his new bandmate, Dustin, stopped into the show to update us on a couple of bands. One, Finger Lakes Metal Fest was the last show for Thirteen South. At least with RJ. It is unknown if the band will continue. Never the Voiceless lost Chano as their vocalist, so Dustin and RJ have joined with them, and formed a new band called, Rip Open the Sky. They didn't have a band name yet as of this broadcast. They talked about how The Finger Lakes Metal Fest went the week before...

We did a Tribute to Nick Menza who had passed away during the week, and we included a song from the band Mechanism, the lead guitarist of which did the last ever interview with Nick (linked below). 

We did a Tribute to 1990, and also introduced a possible new segment called Story Time...