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August 7, 2016 - Just Another Night

Rick, Tim, EVD

This week we were joined not only by Tim Binder, but also Rick of The Metallic Onslaught, but also RJ of Rip Open the Sky. We did a Tribute to music that came out in 1986, and the background music for the night was all from the TV series, Babylon 5, as one of the actors, Jerry Doyle, passed away this week. 



The Night Watch "Boundaries"

Mose Giganticus "We are One"
Genitor "In the Dark"
Chronic Hangover "Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds"

Hollenlarm "The Pyramid Screams"
Widow "Wisdom"
JT Ripper "Route 666"
Twisted Sister "The Fire Still Burns - Live"

Cookie Crotch Nuts "Grandpa's Porn"
Hanging Garden "Sirkle of Onan"
Moase "Angst"
Sanjuro Fields "Sunny Watermelon Doom"

Silhouette Lies "Safety in Secrets"
Charred Walls of the Damned "The Soulless"
A Tortured Soul "Black Dragon"
Anal Pudding "Goat Raper"
Violent Revolution "Violent Revolution"

Jinjer "I Speak Astronomy"
Meshiaak "I am Among You"
Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups "Everybody Hurts"
Reject the Sickness "Chains of Solitude"
Psychoprism "Defiance"
Excuse "Breaking News (We Told You So!)"

** Tribute to 1986 **
Chastain "Fighting to Stay Alive"
Bloodgood "Killing the Beast"
Fearless Iranians from Hell "Blow Up the Embassy"
Fifth Angel "Fifth Angel"
London "Put Out the Fire"

Obsession "Scared for Life"
Nuclear Assault "Vengeance"
Omen "Eye of the Storm"
Misfits "Death Comes Ripping"
Fastway "Tear Down the Walls"
Onslaught "Thrash Till Death"
Robin Williams "Marijuana"
Slayer "Piece by Piece"

Lord Ryur "Pact with the Sinner"
Sentinel Beast "Revenge"
VoiVod "Ripping Headaches"
Swans "Stupid Child"

Steeler "Messing Around with Fire"
M.A.R.S. "Nations on Fire"
Yngwie Malmsteen "You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget"
Sword "Follow the Wheels"
Paradox "Death, Screaming, and Pain"

Motorhead "Deaf Forever"
Angus "When Giants Collide"
Vectom "Outlaw"
Predator "Masters of the Night"

Razor "Tear Me to Pieces"
Purgatory "Tied to the Trax"
Villain "Only Time Will Tell"
Flotsam and Jetsam "She Took an Axe"

Doll Skin "Furious Fixation"
Nader Sadek "Entropy Eternal"
Cryfemal "Profanatism"
The Murder City Devils "I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)"
Guitar Force "Punishment"

The Plankboys "Drinking Song from the Tomb"
The Lobster Quadrille "Slayer of the Lord of the Death - Live"
Obituary "The End Complete"
Bloodbath "Eaten"
Spell "Too Late"

The Danger of Falling "Still / Vacant"
Malakyte "Inbetween"
Void King "Brandy Knew"
Sovereign "Refractory Funeral"
The Dillenger Escape Plan "Limerant Death"

The Embodied "Vengeance"
X-Method "Woke"
Evergrey "My Allied Ocean"

Redwest "The Ballad of Eddie W"