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May 29, 2016 - Nick Menza Tribute


RJ and his new bandmate, Dustin, stopped into the show to update us on a couple of bands. One, Finger Lakes Metal Fest was the last show for Thirteen South. At least with RJ. It is unknown if the band will continue. Never the Voiceless lost Chano as their vocalist, so Dustin and RJ have joined with them, and formed a new band called, Rip Open the Sky. They didn't have a band name yet as of this broadcast. They talked about how The Finger Lakes Metal Fest went the week before...

We did a Tribute to Nick Menza who had passed away during the week, and we included a song from the band Mechanism, the lead guitarist of which did the last ever interview with Nick (linked below). 

We did a Tribute to 1990, and also introduced a possible new segment called Story Time...



Meka Nism "From Out of Nowhere"
A Soul Called Perdition "Into the Formless Dawn"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Taser"

Spire "It's Always Cold Up Here"
Arkadia "Forgiving is Weakness"
Shataan "Leave Behind"
Unparalleled Hight "Fortress of Fire"

Dino-Mike "Beamer"
Binary Code "Trees 100ft Underwater"
Atomikyla "Pakoputki"
Violent Scum "The Secret Cult of Darkness"

Sucker "Amphetamine Queen"
Fall of Man "Lullaby"
Fox 45 "Narcissister"
A New Dawn "Victimless Tragedy"

Nervosa "Theory of Conspiracy"
Sarabante "Eternal Complacency"
Sintex "Sway for a Better Day"
Paranoid "Nantahala (Shigo No Sekai)"

Megadeth "Lucretia / Skin O' My Teeth / The Disintegrators"
Mechanism "A Better Way"

** Tribute to 1990 **
Napalm Death "Suffer the Children"
King Diamond "Into the Convent"
Nuclear Assault "F# (Wake Up)"
Final Nation "Divided by the Sword"

Nocturnus "Lake of Fire"
Biohazard "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
Entombed "When Life has Ceased"
Obituary "Chopped in Half"

Believer "Nonpoint"
Minier "The Skeptic"
Anacrusis "Terrified"
Savatage "Gutter Ballet - Live"

Chastain "Secrets of the Damned"
Doro "I Had Too Much to Dream"
Death Angel "Veil of Deception"
The Sisters of Mercy "Ribbons"

Forbidden "Step by Step"
The Coup De Grace "Burning with Optimism"
King Missile "Take Stuff from Work"
Lard "Forkboy"

Sacred Death "Bad Advice"
Malevolent Creation "Remnants of Withered Decay"
Hellwitch "Nosferatu"
Sanctuary "Long Since Dark"
Warrior Soul "In Conclusion"

Revocation "Communion"
Black Fucking Cancer "Wall of Corpses"
Power Salad "They're Coming for Ed"
National Suicide "I Refuse to Cry"
Poison Headache "Rot with Me"

Brick "Bloody Mistress"
Paradox "The Raging Planet"
Clark Ashton Smith "Nightmare"
Hellsworn "Voices from Beyond the Grave"
Victims "Promises"

Diluted "Lose My Number"
Surtur "Descendant of Time"
HP Lovecraft "The Messenger"
Ygfan "II"
Charan "Divina Voluptas"

Profanatica "Black Hymna"
Art of Deception "Kraken's Awakening"
Harakiri for the Sky "Bury Me"


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