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May 11, 2014 - Epic Night of Hide and Go Beat

Last ExitPresent were, James, Rick and Randy, from The Metallic Onslaught, Randy, or R.J., as we call him to avoid the confusion of two Randys, and Rob, both from the band Thirteen South, and, The Worst Co-host In The World, Dave, who, earning his title, had not been there in months. Lots of rounds of Hide And Go Beat were played. Dave found Randy, and so got to beat him and knock him out with a metal sheet. R.J. couldn't find James, which made him furious, so much so that James was afraid to come out and beat him, but he did. No one could find Dave, so he and BBBIIILLLLL!!!!! are the reigning champions at this game, so Dave got to beat on anyone he liked, Rick wanted to be beaten so Dave hit him with the sheet first, then everyone pretty much hit everyone, James, R.J., and Dave all bled, and the sheet was reduced to scrap metal. So a lot of violence, some bloodshed, and some disturbing stuff as people molested other people while they were knocked out. There was a brief salute to Mother's Day, Nuclear Assault's song, "Mother's Day", was played. There were segments of Movie Time. Everyone got to pick a song toward the end of the night. The last hour was mostly The Old School Hour, except for a couple new songs that Azkath had meant to play earlier...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Abbey ov Thelema "Hymnus DCLXVI / De Apocalypsi Ioannis"
Ancient Bards "A Greater Purpose"

EyeHateGod "Parish Motel Sickness"
Aniron "Concealed"
Bloodparade "Queen of the Darkness"
Wardruna "Heimta Thurs"
Elvenking "Witches Gather"

Stork "Heretic"
The Last Vegas "Come with Me"
Steel Panther "Fucking My Heart in the Ass"
Schwarzblut "Judas"
Inviolate "The Invocation"

Scary D Sinister G "Witches"
For Today "For the Fallen"
Steve Goodie "Forest Does Jenny (featuring Ty Hagar)"
Arrows of Agony "The Escape"
Archetype "The Dark Mirror"

Operetica "We Rock"
Vallenfyre "The Wolves of Sin"
Helstar "Fall of Dominion"
Battle Beast "Neuromancer"
Portrait "We Were Not Alone"

Prong "The Book of Change"
The Sixth Chamber "Paradise Lost"
Lake of Tears "House of the Setting Sun - Live"
Gamma Ray "I Will Return"

Mushroomhead "We are the Truth"

Doro "Nutbrush City Limits"

Steel Panther "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World"

Super Massive Black Holes "Refracted Kaleidoscopic Photons"

Allegaeon "1.618"

Mirzadeh "The Washed Yards"

FuManchu "Invaders on My Back"

Epica "Victims of Contingency"

Meliah Rage "When We Wake"
Aborted "Necrotic Manifesto"

Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell "Shake Your Head"

Doom:VS "The Dead Swan of the Woods"
Hollywood Monsters "Fuck You All"
Domination "In Front of Reality - Follow the Beat of your Heart"

Dethklock "Ejaculate Fire"
Corrosion of Conformity "Rise River Rise"
Anvil "Fuken Eh!"
Cradle of Filth "An Enemy Led the Tempest"

** Old School Hour **
Lamb of God "Ruin"
Slipknot "Heretic Anthem"
Divinity Destroyed "Void"
Napalm Death "The Great and the Good"

Porphyria "The Cleaving Process"
In Flames "Artifacts of the Black Rain"
Negative Approach "Nothing"
Drop Hammer "After the Fall"

Exhorder "Desecrator"
Entombed "Supposed to Rot"
The Duskfall "I've Only Got Knives for You"
Zone Zero "Judgement Day"

Arcturus "For to End Yet Again"

The Movie