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June 14, 2015 - B. Rettie Tribute

BRettieThis show is dedicated to the memory of B. Rettie.

On June 11, 2015, William E. Rettie passed away after a brief illness. He was born July 8, 1964 to William and Joanne Rettie. After graduation from Cobleskill Central School, Bill attended SUNY Cobleskill and Community College of the Finger Lakes. Bill’s interests included music, both as a fan and as a musician/song writer. He was a successful and respected business owner/founder. He had a keen sense for business and the entrepreneurial spirit to match. Bill is most known for his kindness, generosity, gracious warmth and his great ability to make people laugh. Bill was happiest when he was surrounded by his family and friends. Bill was predeceased by his father, William H. Rettie. He is survived by his beloved wife, Renee Maffei Rettie and their beautiful dog Gidget; his mother, Joanne Rettie of Cobleskill; sisters, Kathleen (Martin) Thomas of Troy and Barbara (Thomas) Borter of Valley Falls; and sisters-in-law, Annette (Joseph) Falzone and Doreen (Andrew) Warholic. He will be missed by nieces, Erin (Joseph) Trimarchi of Guilderland, Jennifer (Mark) Collins of Troy, and Michelle Falzone of West Pittston, PA; nephews, Jeffery (Emily Wethje) Borter of Homer, Joseph Falzone of Lancaster, CA, Tanner, Alexander and Benjamin Warholic of Cortland. He is also survived by great-nieces, Madelynn, Katherine, Braley & Alessandra and his godson, Jordan Beck. 


This was the second weekend in June, our Anniversary month, twenty one this year, so it was the second Show appreciating current co-hosts. Present were, EVD, Just Joe, whatever The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown was calling himself this week, this time it was Mr. Nobody, R.J., and a girl he brought with him whom I'm assuming is his girlfriend, but if I'm wrong on that, my apologies to her, on second thought, even if I am right about that, still, I'm sorry, Girl. Nathan was supposed to be there, but called in sick, thus ruining what was supposed to be Just Joe's token of appreciation, Nathan was supposed to be sacrificed to him, so that will probably occur later this month. Crappy's gift was a copy of a Show he had performed at as part of The Punch Drunk Monkeys, the last Show they played together. Some songs of Punch Drunk Monkeys's were played, always great to hear, and some clips of Crappy appearing on LE from way back in the day. Crappy made an appearance to receive his appreciations. R.J.'s gift was a copy of "The Last Exit For The Lost Armageddon Show", which his band Thirteen South had performed at. A Thirteen South track from that was played, it rocked. R.J. and Girl made a huge mess when they dumped some bags of foam all over Azkath. Azkath wasn't able to come up with another gesture of appreciation for Just Joe, other than his plans for an absent Nathan, so he, very reluctantly, told Just Joe that, if he really wanted it, he guessed they could play Europe's "The Final Count Down", if he REALLY wanted it. Just Joe was ecstatic. But, when the song played, only a few seconds of it would play. Azkath told Just Joe he must have broken it, but Just Joe was sure he hadn't. They tried a few more times, and the word "Nope" could be heard when it stopped, finally reminding Azkath that he had gotten rid of all of the copies of that song, knowing that Just Joe would try to get around the ban on it any chance he got. Azkath claimed he had forgotten all about doing that, and had really meant to play it for Just Joe, but who knows, it would be just like something he would do to torment Just Joe, letting him get his hopes up just to crush them. There were segments of Movie Time, and a new Netflix series was reviewed as well. At 3:30 the set of all covers was played. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

-Fire Eater Wizard

The last time Bill was at the show back in 2002, along with Matt Barnes...  November 3rd, 2002.
Pile of Heads 11 03 02


Pile of Heads "What We Feed Off / The Art of Suffering / Hang Loose / Flashlight / The Bomb / Churning"

Hellbastard "Outsider of the Year"
High on Fire "The Black Plot"
Obsession "In for the Kill"
The Clearing Path "Goddess Aura"
The Hillnoise "Lighter"
Tau Cross "You People"
Heidt "Storming the Castle"
Tornado "World Pieces"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Are You Gonna Eat That? - Live"
Punch Drunk Monkeys "Cooking with Uncle Charlie"
Unleash the Archers "Test Your Metal"
Myrkur "Heavnen"
Beyond Fallen "Mindfire"
Black Mare "Low Crimes"
Thirteen South "Interview with a Stagmire - Live"
C H R I S T "Planer"
Paradise Lost "Punishment Through Time"
Wrvth "Endless Haze"
Eschaton "Animus"
Clearly Guilty "Dear Michael"
Lucifer "Sabbath"
Seize Now "Victim"
Mallory Knox "Ghost in the Mirror"
Meaxic "Attitude"
White House Burning "Race War"
1000 Homo DJ's "Supernaut"
Onslaught "Atomic Punk"
Black Symphony "Deliverance"
Cold Colours "Into the Fires"
The Electric Hellfire Club "South of Heaven"
Graveworm "How Many Tears"
Threatpoint "The Age of Godlessness"
Einstrzende Neubauten "Dead Friends (Around the Corner)"
Oathean "Wandering Soul"
Nekrogoblikon "We Need a Gimmick"
Black Space Rider "Born a Lion (Homeless)
Corrections House "Hallows of the Stream"
Wisdom in Chains "People Die"
Luca Turillis Rhapsody "Prometheus"
Poison Idea "I Never Heard of You"
The Magick Way "La Mano Raccogile"
Viper Solfa "War of Zion"
Karikeya "Surya Jayanti"
ASKA "Valkyries"
VoiVod "Tornado"
Fear Factory "Martyr"
Godflesh "Like Rats"
Lilitu "Only the End of the World"
Vendetta "Conversation"
Vicious Rumors "Blitz the World"
Viking "Warlord"
Iron Maiden "Remember Tomorrow"
Peccatum "Blood Red Skies"
Pile of Heads "War"
Creeper "Say High / H.E.M.P."
Pile of Heads "Saved"
The Angelic Process "The Resonance of Goodbye"
Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows "There Was a County by the Sea" 

The Movie