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February 9, 2014 - Crotches and Snow for Randy

Randy gets a Double My Crotch Your FacePresent were, Just Joe, Eric, James, Rick and Randy, from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim, and, Rob, from the band Thirteen South. Azkath had a challenge for Just Joe. He told him how Jeffie had played my crotch your face on Randy better than anyone ever had, on The Metallic Onslaught, the previous night. So Azkath challenged Just Joe to do that to Randy and see if he could do even better. Just Joe did. Then Rob helped, and it was a double my crotch your face on Randy, one on each side. Azkath said that the double one had topped Jeffie's, congratulations! Then Randy went into the bathroom, and defiled it with his horrible odor. Azkath told them to put Just Joe in there, but Just Joe put up an impressive fight, nearly pulling over the whole desk, which is very heavy, Eric said he could have gotten him in there, but not without having to be in there himself, and he wasn't going to sacrifice himself. Russian Roulette was played. Everyone was assigned a number, if a bullet played on their number, then they would be thrown into the snow. Rob had the number six, which there is no such number in a set of five songs, only it was six songs, because Azkath forgot to randomize the songs after the first one, which he always picks, there was still no bullet so Rob would get thrown in the snow. Azkath told Rob to feel free to take other people down into the snow with him. Rob was thrown in the snow, he threw Eric in as well, but Randy got the worst of it, he was covered in snow, despite putting up a fight. There were many segments of Movie Time, and some TV shows were discussed as well. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Dokken "Unchain the Night"
Van Canto "To the Mountains"

Inward "Whisk(e)y Boys"
Amok "No Faith"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot" (R)
The Ungiuded "Eye of the Thyla"

Dyscarnate "In the Face of Armageddon"
Flotsam and Jetsam "N.E. Terror" (Re-recorded)"
From the Skies "Wretched Abyss"
Sheavy "Shadows"
Twilight "Swarming Funeral Mass"

Behemoth "The Satanist"
Battle Beast "Neuromancer"
Ideamen "Off is a Crime"
Spewtilator "Cherokee Curse"
Andy Winter "Uncountably Infinite"

Kirk "The End of the Universe"
Helmsplitter "World So Wicked"
Miracle Master "We All Touch Evil"
Vanden Plas "New Vampire"

Dokken "Lightning Strikes Again / Mr. Scary"
Red Wizard "Piledriver"
The Strigas "Sorrow Queen"
Pale Divine "Broken Wings"

Sleazer "Coming to Get You"
Gutted Alive "Force Fed Acid"
Lenore's Fingers "Cry of Mankind"
Messenger "Piscean Tide"
Eva Polgar and Sandor Valy "Ishtar"

King Diamond "The Invisible Guests"
Y&T "Black Tiger"
Metal Church "Ton of Bricks"
All Out War "Behind the Crescent and the Cross"
Rage "Carved in Stone"
The Agonist "Trophy Kill"

Skull Fist "You're Gonna Pay"

Forbidden Eye "The Moon of the Blood Serpent"
Divinity Destroyed "The Sculptor"
Barishi "The Waves"
Kekal "Token Discontentment"
The Great Luke Ski "Fake Adult"

Anal Blasphemy "Sperm of Satan, Antichrist Semen"
Agiel "Deeds Rendered Upon the Flesh"
Turbo "This War Machine"
Relief in Sleep "Clouded"
Mikey Mason "Clean Break - Live"

Oxymor "Eau Lourde"
Mustache "I Hate to Dance"
Mayan "Devil in Disguise"
Oxymor "Sueur"

Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Shoggoths Away"
Suicidal Tendencies "Waking the Dead"
Elegeion "A Rare Moment"
EXE "Stricken By Might"

Holy Terror "Distant Calling"
Keel "Thunder and Lightning"
Mental Home "Pagan Freedom"

Sanctuary "Die for My Sins"
Warlock "True as Steel"
Dokken "Till the Living End"


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