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November 30, 2014 - Just Another Night...

Present were, EVD, Rob from the band Thirteen South. Topics were discussed like, an upcoming interview that Azkath will be conducting on his talk program, "Where Did The Road Go?", which precedes LE, in the 11:00 P.M. hour, about bizarre and creepy incidences of people disappearing in and around national parks, the lead singer of the band Creed's implosion, a new wrestling program, and TV in general, and all the different ways they are bringing TV programs back on different venues. There was a segment of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...
 - Fire Eater Wizard



Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
Volahn "Quetzalcoatl"
Corrections House "Cortez the Killer"
Wizard Rifle "Buzzsaw Babes"
Ancestral Legacy "There Is No Birth and Death"
American Heritage "Anxious Bedwetter"
RAM "Welcome to My Funeral"
Mikey Mason "Santa Goes Trick or Treating"
Bloodbath "Let the Stillborn Come to Me"
Hit by a Bus "Babylon"
Faith No More "Surprise! You're Dead!" (R)
No Mercy "We're Evil"
The Shrine "Waiting for the War"
Ire Clad "Prey for Thee, God of War"
Bad Brains "Fearless Vampire Killers" (R)
Unto Ashes "Runnin' with the Devil"
Canedy "No One Walks Away"
Behemoth "Towards the Dying Sun We March"
Spiders "Mad Dog"
Pile Driver "Witch Hunt" (R)
Krokodil "Skin of the Earth"
Earthbound "I Declare War"
Buzzkill "Spellbound and Bitten"
Order of the Dead "322"
Steve Goodie "I Love My Job"
Caligula's Horse "Dark Hair Down"
Cancer Bats "Arsenic in the Year of the Snake"
Cretin "Sandwich for the Attic Angel"
Worm Quartet "Kim Kardashian"
Blood of Kingu "Destroyer of Everything Infinite and Timeless"
Portrait "Blessed to be Cursed"
Lord Dying "A Wound Outside of Time"
Stephanie Mabey "The Zombie Song"
Hollow Bodies "Infected Lust"
Child Bite "Garbage Odyssey"
3TEETH "Consent (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)"
Black Tape for a Blue Girl "Knock Three Times (Skinny Kinda Mix)"
Destroying Divinity "Empire of Emptiness"
Dimesland "Dying Foretold"
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus "Väinämöinen"
Unsacred "False Light"
Unto Ashes "Heartland"
Zaltana "Skullface"
Steve Goodie "The Big Bang Theory Song"
Doctor Who Interview
Devo Spice "Lost in Time"
Ire Clad "Do What I Say"
Indestructible Noise Command "Lies We Devour"
TV's Kyle "I'm Back (A Dinosaur's Story)"
LAE "To Give You the Stars Above"
Letallis "Bed of Stars"
Stormcast "New World Order"
Nekrofilth "Worship Destruction"
Misery Kills "Last Chance"
Rough "Nightmare"
Gang Green "We'll Give It To You"
Excel "Drive"
Wammo "Cat Head Biscuits"
Pervis "In League With Satan"
Child's Play "Rat Race"
China Town "When We Rock"
Black Ocean Drowning "House of Cork"
Pestilence "Reduced to Ashes"
Clawfinger "Rosegrove"
Clawhammer "Hollow Legs"
Shok Paris "Exhibit A"
Nocturne "Nothing"
Schoolyard Heroes "Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker"