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February 8, 2015 - Code 10-56 Live in Studio

2015 02 08 LE Code 10 56

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, Just Joe, EVD, and, Tim. The band Code 10-56 was there for about the first half of the program. They were formerly known as Nuckin' Futs, but had to change that because it was already taken, which is a shame, because I liked that name. Code 10-56 stands for the the New York City police department's code for drunkenness and assisted suicide. Funny, I wonder what those two things have in common so much that they would have the same code? They played a lot of their songs, about seven, live from The WVBR Performance Room. It sounded great. They are a Crust Punk band, you can find them on facebook. They were interviewed and one of their studio tracks was played. R.J., the vocalist from the band Thirteen South, stopped by and stayed for the second half of the program. He told us what his band has been up to. There were segments of Movie Time, and a TV Show was discussed also. And EVD told us more about his video game he's been playing, in it he is a female character who is now in a lesbian relationship. Tim talked about his having attended House Guitars on Saturday, where he got to meet with Joey Belladonna, of the band Anthrax, who now has a cover band. The last hour was The Old School Hour...


Mercyful Fate "Evil (BBC Radio 1 Session)
Yesterday's Saints "Sands of Nod"
Philm "Fire from the Evening Sun"
An Autumn for Crippled Children "When Night Leaves Again"
Cyrax "Cockroach"
Revenge "At the Gates of Hell"
Ashes in Vein "Until the End of Time"
Burweed "Swallow"
Call of the Void "The Sun Chaser"
CDC "Degeneration"
Chastain "Forevermore"
Code 10-56 Live in Studio
Periphery "MK Ultra"
Frankenstein Rooster "The Spirit of Shawn"
Cryptodira "Speaking the Ocean"
Code 10-56 Live in Studio
     What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Dumber
     She Stole My Things
     Kick Him in the Nards
     Haters Will Love Us Too    
Napalm Death "How the Years Condemn"
Exodus "BTK"
The Autumn League "A Flame Within"
Spook the Horse "Saboteur"
Code 10-56 Live in Studio
     No Trick Pony
     The Genius of Me
     Limp Richard
Millbastards "Power Struggle"
Stormwitch "Runescape"
Storyteller "God of War"
The Order of Apollyon "The Hand That Became Weak"
Code 10-56 "Haters Will Love Us Too"
Birth A.D. "Failed State"
Daywrecker "Cannibal Jesus"
Gospel of the Witches "Mother"
Visigoth "Blood Sacrifice"
Oppression "State of War"
Hic Lacet "Mahakala"
Conceived by Hate "Devotees of Death"
Devathorn "Cahtedral of Set"
Akheron "Estigma"
One-Eyed Doll "Ember"
Inhumantus "Terran Genocide"
Godhunter "Something in the Way"
Pound of Flesh "Ready to Go"
At the Hollow "Paleface"
Inviolate "Feast of Ashes"
Ne Obliviscaris "Devour Me, Colossus (Part I) Blackholes"
Stever "Scatterbrain"
Barishi "Smoke from the Earth"
Grinder "Dying Flesh"
Blitzkrieg "Blitzkrieg"
Chastain "It's Too Late for Yesterday"
Human Remains "Spoiling of Beauty"
Missing Marcus "Waters Rising"
Rantmusic "In a Bag (with Me)"
Mordred "The Artist"
Omen "Nightmares"
Overkill "Coma"
Venom "Countess Bathory"
Possessed "Swing of the Axe"
Helloween "A Little Time"
Divinity Destroyed "Forsaken"

The Movie