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August 14, 2016 - Eric Returns!

Eric, Tim, EVD, Nathan

Eric returns to the show after a bit of an absence. We are also joined by Nathan and Dylan, Tim and EVD. And we do a Tribute to 1998...


Sinsaenum "Army and Chaos"
Walls of Jericho "Cutbird"
Jinjer "Sit Stay Roll Over"

Van Halst "The End"
Monkey3 "Dead Planet's Eyes"
Zodiac "Crow"
Delain "Fire with Fire"

Equipoise "Alchemic Web of Deceit"
Our Survival Depends on Us "Let My People Go"
Metal Allegiance "Iron Fist"
Bone Cage "Puppy Song (Songwriting 101)"

Oubliette "Solitude"
Roxy Mae "Dressed in Black"
Serpent Ascending "Rivers of Lava"
Equilibrium "Eternal Destination"

Mechanical God Creation "Shadow's Falling"
Dimesland "Architect"
Agatus "The Invisible (Fifth Portal to At)"
Hobb's Angel of Death "Final Feast"

Allegaeon "Proponent for Sentience"
Comrades "Dark Tongues Part 2"
Almyrkvi "Feeding the Void"
Black Foxes "Husk"
Nuclear Assault "Critical Mass"
Bad Brains "Rise"

** 1998 Tribute **
Bruce Dickinson "Chemical Wedding"
Doro "Love Me in Black"
Crisis "Captain Howdy"
Guttersluts "December"

Hades "$aviour $elf"
Refused "New Noise"
Cubanate "Oxyacetylene"
Robert Schimmel "If You Buy This CD, I Can Get This Car"

... And Here I Lie "In Coldness"
My Dying Bride "The Stance of Evander Sinoue"
The Sins of Thy Beloved "Worthy of You"
Anathema "Alternative 4"

Shovelbarn" Wicky Whack"
Rorschach Test "Blow Up America"
NoMeansNo "Going Nowhere"
Sprung Monkey "In Spite of It All"

Boiler "Bingo"
Black Ocean Drowning "House of Cork"
Anti-Nowhere League" (We Will Not) Remember You"
Firewater "Whistling in the Dark"
2 Nice Fellows Giving Lemmy His Due "Ace of Spades"

Circle of Dust "Chasm"
Nothing "Drowning in Rain"
Where Echoes End "Only in War"
Therion "Birth of Venus Illegitima"

Korova "Our Reality Dissolves"
Needulhed "Prolificy"
Thought Industry "Metal"
Puissance "Light of a Dead Sun"
White Skull "Asgard"
Savatage "The Wake of Magellan"

Slave Raider "Bad Boy Boogie"
Devin Townsend Project "Failure"
King Buffalo "Monolith"
Death Design "Drown with Me"
High Spirits "Flying High"

Cro-Mags "The Other Side of Madness (Revenge)"
Necromancing the Stone "Ritualistic Demise"
Serpentine Dominion "The Vengeance in Me"
Radii "The Future"
Aether Wind "Mare Cognitum"

D.A.D "Laugh 'n a Half - Live"