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August 9, 2015 - Tim and the Gremlins

Tim, Arydaea, Just Joe, EVDPresent were, EVD, Just Joe, and, Tim. Near the beginning of the program, Nathan called in from Bronie Con, to tell us all about it. Where else would a Bronie be? And, as of the time of his call, he had already spent five hundred dollars there! Talk about a dedicated Bronie, Nathan, you have that much to blow on Bronies and whatever Bronie paraphernalia, which I don't even want to think about(!) you picked up there?! Lets all hit Nathan up for money now, he obviously has a lot of it to spare, and the rest of us are poor! I'd be happy to take some of that off your hands! The money, not whatever it is Bronie related that you spent it on! As a bunch of little technical things kept going wrong on this night, it was decided that there must be a Gremlin problem. And Tim was dispatched to get rid of them. He did this by producing a pan flute from his pants! Apparently he always carries one around with him in there, he said later he thought we all knew that, but it was quite surprising to see him whip his pan flute out of his pants like that! He used the pan flute to, Pied Piper style, lure the Gremlins to him. But then they all started attacking him. Tim was soon overwhelmed, and Just Joe was sent, although he didn't really want to, to go help him out, he had to drag him out of there. But it worked, the Gremlins were now outside, and Tim knew where to put them without even having to be told, because it was so obvious, I mean, where else would you put them?! In Just Joe's car, of course! Everyone was also told to be on the lookout for the last Little Eric, whom we don't think has ever been caught or disposed of yet. In The Cover Set (at 3:30), a heavy cover of Europe's "The Final Count Down" was played. I think Azkath thought that this would upset Just Joe, but Just Joe got all excited, shouting with joy and glee that Azkath had played the song. I don't think it was Azkath's intention to do something that would make Just Joe that happy, but, apparently, Just Joe now hears that song in his mind the way Europe sings it, because, before, he was always upset when anything but the glam (and even I, a huge lover of glam, think that song is horrible, I actually prefer the covers, if I have to hear it at all, but my first choice would be not to hear it at all!) version of that song is played. Azkath played him another cover of it, and that one also made him really happy, he was positively giddy. There were segments of Movie Time. The final hour was The Old School Hour, and it started off with a Connect-A-Set, a set of songs that all have a common link, usually having something to do with them all having a band member in common in some way...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Year of the Goat "All He Has Read"

Wrvth "Lured by Knaves"
Meka-Nism "Mekamorphosis"
In Defence "Refrigerator The Energy Efficient Household Appliance That Eats People"
Kaiserreich "Vuoto Assoluto"
Chaos Frame "Paper Sun"
Refused "Useless Europeans"
Motorhead "Electricity"
Hit by a Bus "Fil"
Pyogenesis "Lifeless"
Sabbath Assembly "The Firey Angel of Desire"
Star Industry "New Religion"
Monster Magnet "Look to Your Orb for the Warning / All Friends and Kingdom Come"
The Porridgeface "Bleed for Speed"
Setanera "Bring Me Back"
Desecrate "Blackened Skies"
District Radio "Ruins"
Ostrogoth "Clouds"
Geoff Lenox "Damned"
Cain "Undead Apocalypse"
Chris Caffery "Death by Design"
Mindless Self Indulgence "Personal Jesus"
Nechochwen "October 6, 1813"
Orchid "John the Tiger"
the great Luke Ski "Neurotica"
Chasing Valor "Victorious"
Ex's with Benefits "Hey You"
Static People "Monkey Scratches"
Battery "X-Files Theme"
Behemoth "Wish"
Nerf Herder "Kiss Me Deadly"
Raunchy "From Out of Nowhere"
Bile "Mid-Life Crisis"
Norther "Final Countdown"
Stone "The Final Countdown"
Pound of Flesh "Everybody"
Krash Karma "She Spreads the Darkness"
Archer "Hurl the Cross"
Unleashed "Land of the Thousand Lakes"
Lee Brown Coye "The Church"
Fell to Low "Mapmaker"
The Oxford Coma "Canadian Question Mark"
Wilson "Guilty (You're Already Dead)"
Santa Cruz "(66)6 Feet Under"
Black Fast "The Coming Swarm"
Chemical Burn "I Breathe Smoke"
Non-Fiction "In the Know"
Hades "The Leaders?"
Watchtower "Instruments of Random Murder / A Dangerous Toy"
Dangerous Toys "Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horrace Pinker)"
Monster Magnet "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
Mutha's Day Out "My Soul is Wet"
Mordred "Esse Quam Videri"
Psycho Circus "Pulsate"
Spiral Architect "Fountainhead"
John Arch "Relentless"
Dream Theater "Learning to Live"
Prototype "Mind in Motion"
Shok Paris "Steel and Starlight"
Faith No More "Chinese Arithmetic"
Motley Crue "Danger"