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January 8, 2017 - Born in Blood Live

Born in Blood

Present were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, Bi-Coastal Tim, who is playing the role of Justin in Justin's absence, or a.k.a. Twelve Inch, which I'm sure is something new for Tim(!), and, R.J.. The band Born In Blood performed five songs live in The Performance Room. They rock! As usual, thanks to Nathan for doing a great job running the sound. After their performance, the band was interviewed, we were introduced to their new bass player, and they updated us on all things concerning their band. They are awesome, you can find them on Facebook. Just Joe did not like his Christmas present from Azkath, a box full of spiders that he had mailed to him. This was discussed. There were segments of Movie Time, TV programs, Internet series, and, a book were discussed as well...

- Fire Eater Wizard


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Fjoergyn "Leviathan"
Ignitor "Violence and Force"
Árstíðir Lífsins "Heljarkviða II: Helgrindr brotnar"
Warforged "Two Demons"

Midnight "Groin Gripper"
Overkill "Mean, Green Killing Machine"
Angels on the Battlefield "Leap of Faith"
Faceless "Deconsecrate"
Tecchtonix "Tough Love"

Born in Blood Live in Studio
* My Hate
* Day of Reckoning
* Six Feet
* Blasphemy

Zix "Dark Days of Babylon"
Gretchen Menn "Hound of Hell"
Angerhead "Take Me as I Am"
The Flight of Sleipnir "Earthen Shroud"

Self-Hatred "Attraction"
Dark Awake "Die Nibelungen"
Vanha "Into the Cold Light"
Deathless Legacy "Join the Sabbath"

Sanctuary "Battle Angels"
Banshee "We Want You"
Crimson Glory "Dream Dancer"
Dark Angel "Merciless Death"
Fates Warning "The Apparition"

Ulfberht "The Catalpa"
Charetta "You Prevail II"
Sarnes "Preaching Misanthropy"
Scrails "Work Buy Consume Die"
Lemon Demon "Angry People"

Anal Trump "Grab Em by the Pussy / There's My African American"
Star Industry "Eilyne"
Uniform Choice "Screaming for Change"
Gravehuffer "Of Fish and Men"
Ranger "Speed and Violence"
Anal Trump "Grab Em by the Pussy"

Helloween "A Little Time"
Keel "Speed Demon"
Dream Theater "Afterlife"
Wrath "Mutants"
Hades "Nightstalker"

Believer "What is But Cannot Not Be"
Vengeance Rising "Can't Get Out"
Tourniquet "Restoring the Locust Years"
Bride "Forever in Darkness"
Upon Wings "You Are My Weapon"
Fall of Man "Lullaby"

Christian Matthew "The Lighter Side of Tragedy"
Heaven Shall Burn "Black Tears"
Kreator "The Number of the Beast"
Sepultura "I am the Enemy"
Venal Flesh "Insurrection (The Apostate II)"

E.X.E. "Fatally Wounded"
Faith No More "Death March"
Veloz Attack "Eyes of Creation"
Queensryche "Spreading the Disease"
Voltaire "When You're Evil"
W.A.S.P. "Ballcrusher"

Book of Wyrms "Infinite Walrus"

Ashenspire "Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary"


The Movie