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February 22, 2015 - Just Another Night...

UMEVDSo we had a pretty full house this night, with EVD, Tim, Daryl, and Olivia from Undead Messengers, Eric, Tim Binder, and a surprise return from Adam and Nikki. There was plenty of discussion of movies, the new Nightwish song, video games, and much more, plus we had to silence Eric numerous times. Plus tons of new music, and the traditional Old-School Hour.


Visigoth "Mammoth Riders"
Dr. Living Dead "Civilized to Death"
Beyond Fallen "Concrete Lucifer"
Ire Clad "Brothers in Arms"
Stever "Scatterbrain"
Lanfear "The Reverend"
Sign of the Jackal "Trick or Treat"

January 18, 2015 - Wulfie's Birthday Show

2014 01 18 LEMO Randys Birthday

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Craft of Unknown Origin "Chasing the Trickster"
Napalm Death "Metaphorically Screw You"
Aethyr "The Gnostic Mass"
Caelestia "Malleus Maleficarum "The Secret Cult""
One-Eyed Doll "Black in the Rye"
Divahar "Call of the Fire"
Acherontas "Ma IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)"
Ne Obliviscaris "Pyrrhic"
Lich King "Hot for Teacher"
Undead Messengers "Never Fall - Live"
The Passion of Our Souls "Everything"
The Agonist "Faceless Messenger"
Iron Lamb "Backstabber"
One-Way Mirror "Neglected Skies"

December 14, 2014 - Xmas Show and Undead Messengers

Present were, EVD, Tim, and, one half of the band Undead Messengers, Olivia, and, Tim, so we had two Tim's present. The band was there to talk about the fact that they would be performing at the next The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, which would be the following Saturday. A song of their's was played. They are a cool band. A song was played by a band called OuijaBeard, and it was decided that EVD has a OuijaBeard. Everyone there kept rubbing his beard throughout the night, and it made sounds, which mean something, you just have to know how to interpret the messages. Tim, not the Tim in the band, was introduced to Dave's Beard, as he hadn't met it yet. Everyone else had, and wanted no part of it. Tim didn't want any part of it, either. There were segments of Movie Time, and TV programs were discussed as well. The last hour was The Old School Hour... And, as Christmas was less than two weeks away, Christmas music was played throughout the night, both Christmas metal, and comedy songs...

- Fire Eater Wizard