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Dealer's Choice Shows

Dealer's Choice Show - June 6, 2015 with Peaches and Crime

Peaches and Crime, well three of them, join us and perform acoustic.

Peaches and Crime


Evi Vine "Give Your Heart to the Hawks"
The Gentle Storm "The Storm"
Stever "Blackguard"
Peaches and Crime "Never Came Back"
Fields of the Nephilim "Love Under Will"
Nocturne "Happy"
The Lobster Quadrille "Rusty - Live"
Peaches and Crime Live in Studio
Bastard Tango
Mrs. Colt Revolver
Peaches and Crime "Hershel Ganev"
Peaches and Crime Live in Studio
O Wandering Eye
Self Made Man
Shanghai Baby
Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive "The Hydra"
The Magick Way "A Curva Di Sterno"
The Luxenbourg Signal "Dying Star"
Peaches and Crime "Saturday Man"
Psyche Corporation "Annabel Lee"
Current 93 "The Inmost Light"
Peaches and Crime "Bringing Hell to Brooklyn"
Tanya Donelly "My Life as a Ghost"

Dealer's Choice Show with Azriel - May 16, 2015

Azriel and FriendsEVD and Azkath start this slightly chaotic edition of the Dealer's Choice Show, only to be joined by Azriel and his friend's, who just happened to be near by. Again, this show is 3 hours, mostly dark, with some comic relief thrown in here and there. We also talk to Az about his new podcast, The Necrocasticon, and his new band, Suit of Sorrows


The Magick Way "I Corpi Pesanti"

Fields of the Nephilim "Celebrate (Second Seal)"
Dead Man's Bones "My Body's a Zombie for You"
Dyonisis "Of the Fear"
Dave Peckett "Run Away"
The Last Show on Earth "For Tesla"
Eden Brooks "Hey There, Cthulhu"
Malign "Skin and Lye"
Needulhed "Toasting Marshmellows"
Squonk Opera "Dance of the 7 Vowels"
Sunshine Blind "Release"
The Brunching Shuttlecocks "The Bjork Song"
Lightning in a Twilight Hour "Everybody Talks about the Weather"
Polyethylene "The Weather and Driving"
The Kahless Clone "Everything You See is Wrong"
Suit of Sorrows "The Wake"
Black Tape for a Blue Girl "Knock Three Times"
The Magick Way "Yod-He-Vau-He"
Chamber "Maybe First We Die"
Argyle Park "LEave ME aLONe"
Cirque Du So What? "Stupid Cowboy Thing"
Eternal Sadness "Rain"
Psyche Corporation "Nightmares"
Psyche Corporation "Still Alive"
Jonathan Coulton "RE: Your Brains"
Stever "Scatterbrain"
Tanya Donelly "Manna"
Evi Vine "My Hands Are Tied"
Josh Ribakove "No Moleste, Por Favor"
Puissance "Bringer of Closure"
Virgin Black "Walk Without Limbs"
Amity in Fame "The Villain"
The Commander-in-Chief "Let It Go"
Human Drama "The Ways and Wounds (Of Our World)"
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Pillars"
The Magick Way "In Alto Come in Basso"
Az, EVD, etc...

Dealer's Choice Show - April 11, 2015

AzkathAzkath and EVD host this three hours of mostly darker music. There's some comedy thrown in as well, just to mix things up. This was a three hour show. 


Circle of Dust "Chasm"

Choose "33"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Of Kali Calibre"
Dead Man's Bones "In the Room Where You Sleep"
Jonathan Coulton "Re: Your Brains"
Marble "Tank"
Nocturne "Happy"
Odes of Ecstasy "Deceitful Melody"
Andra Dare "Metis"
Borgia Popes "Deadsong"
Cries "Where Are You? (Acoustic)"
Current 93 "A Sadness Song"
The Dreamside "This Quest"
Helium Vola "Omnis Mundis Creatura"
DuskMusic "Everybody Loves Me"
Eternal Sadness "Follow Me"
Kobi LaCroix "I Have a Tuba"
Moneyshot Cosmonauts "Smells Like Karen Carpenter"
Hayseed Dixie "Poison"
Dreadnaughts "Polka Never Dies"
Aesma Daaeva "O Death (Rock 'Me Asleep)"
Lightning in a Twilight Hour "Fever Dreams of Emila"
The Commander-In-Chief and Craig Ogden "Let It Go"
Chamber "Maybe First We Die"
Faith and the Muse "The Silver Circle"
Puissance "In Death"
Elegion "A Rare Moment"
Sol Invictus "The Man Next Door is Very Strange"
Evil Twin "Down"
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Pillars"
Persephone "The Day You Went Away"
Kings X "Sumerland"
Skinny Puppy "Cult"
Laibach "WAT"
Licorice "Deadgirl"
A'Rebours "The Wicked One"

Dealer's Choice Show - March 7, 2015

AzkathThis was just Azkath for 3 hours, playing what he wanted to play. 


Laibach "Entarte Welt (The Discovery of the North Pole)"
The Love Club "Killing Ground"
The One Through Tens "Eye for an Eye"

Lightning in a Twilight Hour "Night Traveler"
The Kahless Clone "Everything You See is Gone"
Dufus "Fun Wearing Underwear"

The Deluge "The Paradoxical Sphere"
Faun "Hymne Der Nacht"
Fields of the Nephilim "Love Under Will"

Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
2 Cellos "Thunderstruck"
Divinity Destroyed "Forsaken"

Upon Wings "You Are My Weapon"
The Luxembourg Signal "Dying Star"
Tanya Donelly "My Life as a Ghost"

Psyche Corporation "Lock"
Tommie Griggz "Top 40"
Jetta "I'd Love to Change the World"

Lush "Light From a Dead Star"
Micah Hanks "Never Without You"
Nothing "Her Voice, Like Loss"

Xamavar "Blind Still Trill"
Craft of Unknown Origin "Carnival of the Odd Legged Giants"
Where Echoes End "Only in War"

A New Dawn "Veil of Charity"
Rain Fell Within "Torn Apart"
2 Foot Yard "Seven Houses"

22nd Century "509"
The Erkonauts "Hampster's Ghosthouse"

Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Sopor Fratem Mortis Est"
Evi Vine "My Hands are Tied"



Dealer's Choice Show with Shoebox of Worm Quartet - January 24, 2015


Shoebox from Worm Quartet co-hosts the show with Azkath and EVD. For most of the show, he picks the music, and we mostly explore comedy music, much of which comes from his friends. Many of these artists can also be found on You can find more on Worm Quartet at his website.


Peaches and Crime "Bringing Hell to Brooklyn"
Dyonisis "Arachne's Song"
Faun "Zwei Falken"
Fields of the Nephilim "Submission"
Worm Quartet "The Ballad of Dr. Stopp"
The Great Luke Ski "Fake Adult"
Ookla the Mok "Mwahaha / Mister Mxyzptlk"
Worm Quartet "Frank's Not in the Band Anymore"
Devo Spice "Autocomplete"
Servotron "I Sing! The Body Cybernetic"
Garden Fresh "Water"
Schaffer the Darklord "Tomgirl"
Positude "Feed the Children"
Worm Quartet "Fueled by Angst"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Power Salad "My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner"
Worm Quartet "Math is Bullshit"
Tim Minchin "If I Didn't Have You"
Carla Ulbrich "If I Had the Copyright"
Worm Quartet "My Apologies"
Power Salad "A Question and an Observation"
Peaches and Crime "Hershel Ganev"

Dealer's Choice Show - December 27, 2014

IMAG0725Myself and Arydaea play 3 hours of music for you...  Dark and Electronic and Quirky...


Psyche Corporation "Nightmares"
Belly "Angel"
Hit by a Bus "Through the Eyes of the White Rabbit"
Karnivool "Set Fire to the Hive"
Choose "33"
Coptic Rain "Barefoot"
Do or Die "Time Zero (Boom Mix)"
Fields of the Nephilim "Submission"
Aesma Daeva "Downvain"
HPLHS "Harley Got Devoured by the Undead"
Jesse Smith "Christmas with the Zombies"
HPLHS "I'm Dreaming of a Dead City"
Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"
Dead Can Dance "Tristan"
Disillusion "The Hole We are In"
VAST "Dirty Hole"
The Lobster Quadrille "Weary / Rusty - Live"
Amity in Fame "Dinner for One"
Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive "The Hydra"
Braindance "Closer to the Sun (Valley of the Kings Chapter Three)"
Stolen Babies "Lifeless"
Firewater "This is My Life"
Kosme "Arabian Nights"
Born for Bliss "Arabia"
Orphaned Land "Mercy - Live"
Love Club "Killing Ground"
Bernd Steidl "Infinity"
Blink "Cello"
Rota Temporis "In Incipit"
Body Clock "Desolation"
Controlled Bleeding "Awakened Beneath the Ground"
Dyonisis "Arachne's Song"
Little Black Cloud "Desolation"
Belly "Star"
Andy Preiboy "Tomorrow Wendy"

Dealer's Choice Show - November 15, 2014

ArydaeaOn this show I am joined by my Last Exit co-hosts EVD, and Arydaea, who also picks some of the music.


Maiden United "Infinite Dreams"
Peaches and Crime "Self Made Man"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"
Diablo Swing Orchestra "Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball"
Saltillo "The Locust Priory"
Andra Dare "Swan"
Dead Can Dance "Yulunga (Spirit Dance)"
Delirium "Incantation"
The One Through Tens "Eye for an Eye"
The Deluge "Inverted Earth"
Andrew McKee "Hourglass"
Firewater "Dead Man's Boots"
Braindance "More than a Moment (The Sands Part III)"
Devo Spice "Why are you Friending Me on Facebook"
Atrocity (featuring Yasmin) "Silvan Spirit"
Jenarium "Enter Sinturian (We Must Engage)"
The Tea Party "Sister Awake"
Kosme "Arabian Nights"
Micah Hanks "Never without You"

Dealer's Choice Show - September 20, 2014

AzkathRight around Azkath's birthday, he plays some stuff he really loves in this edition. Again, pretty dark overall.


Playlist Miranda Sex Garden "Peep Show"
Eluveite "From Darkness"

Arcana "Song of Mourning"
Brave "Lost (In Restrospect)"
One-Eyed Doll "The Loveland"

HPLHS "Tentacles"
Dream Into Dust "Wrong Side of the Glass"
Ookla the Mok "Arthur Curry"

Peaches and Crime "Never Came Back"
If Man is Five "Water"
The Gathering "Probably Built in the 50's"

Psyche Corporation "Strange Machine"
Sax Myle "IYPB"
Trespassers W "The Lost Souls"

Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Dead Souls"
Where Echoes End "Only in War"
Belly "Star (Full Band Version)"

Ghoultown "Walking Through the Desert"
Sanjuro Fields "Ghosts in the Bank"

Dyonisis "Rainy Day"



Dealer's Choice Show with Peter Robbins - August 2, 2014

PeterJoining me on this show was Peter Robbins, a regular on Where Did the Road Go? and well known UFOlogist. As well, Peter is the brother of Helen Wheels, who, aside from her solo career was also involved with Blue Oyster Cult. We talked UFO's and more, and took turns picking sets of music. It's a very diverse show, and it actually went till 6pm, so you have three hours to enjoy.


Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"
Inviolate "Illusion of Mercy"
Future 86 "Let's Go"

Bob Dylan "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
Ella Fitzgerald "Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer"
The Ventures "Slaughter on 5th Avenue"
The Velvet Underground and Nico "Sunday Morning"

Def Leppard "Rock Brigade"
Phantom Blue "Goin' Mad'
One Eyed Doll "Envy"
Ashley MacIsaac "Brenda Shubbert"

Ramones "The KKK Took My Baby Away / Pet Semetary - Live"
Talking Heads "What a Day That Was"
Blue Oyster Cult "Tattoo Vampire"
Helen Wheels Band "Tattoo Vampire"

Laffing Buddha "Alien Angel"
Blue Oyster Cult "E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)"
Dead Man's Bones "My Body's a Zombie for You"
Nitework "Full Moon"
Micah Hanks "Never Without You"

Blue Oyster Cult "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
Buck Dharma "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
Spinal Tap "Hell Hole / Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight"

Pandora's Lunchbox "John Henry Has a Hammer and the White Man is a Mountain"
Ballydowse "Open the Records"
Firewater "Get Out of My Head"
Carnival in Coal "Maniac"

The great Luke Ski "Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues"
The Brain Surgeons "Love Potion #9"
The Ventures "Secret Agent Man"
Saltillo "A Necessary End"
Squonk Opera "Inside Height"

Iggy Pop "Home"
The Lobster Quadrille "The Heavenly Host"
Belly "Star"

Peter Buffet "Thunderbird"

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