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November 14, 2010 - A Week of All New Stuff...

For about the first half of the night, EVD, Little Gorgar, Adam, and Chad were there. There were three segments of Movie Time, with EVD, Little Gorgar, Adam, and Chad participating in the first one. And there was lots of new music, in fact mostly new music was played, as the week before had been the seven hour Tribute To The Past Show, where only old music is played, so, consequently, no new music then, and then, Azkath had gotten twice as much new music this past week as he usually does, so there was tons and tons of new stuff to be played, and so it was, cool how that works out huh? And several pairs of tickets for a show that was upcoming at The Haunt in the next week were given away, so several happy listeners got great free stuff, a chance to go to a rockin' show...
-Fire Eater Wizard

Fields of the Nephilim "Intro (The Harmonica Man) / Slow Kill / Laura II"
Tripykon "Shatter"
Virgin Steele "The Bread of Wickedness"
Bring Me the Horizon "The Fox and the Wolf"

Mockingbird "Puma Punca"
The Sorrow "Crossing Jordan"
OFF! "Now I'm Pissed"
Conducting from the Grave "Curse in the Twilight"
Order of Apollyon "Ich Bin Das Licht"
Combichrist "Kickstart the Fight"
Dyonisis "Dead to Me"
Mr. Death "The Plague and the World it Made"
Lair of Golgotha "Night of the Falling Stars"
Devo Spice "Nothing But a Geek Thing"

Cosmic Sea "Terminal Visions"
Amelia is Dead "Beautiful Suicide"
Hellbastard "Sea Shepherd"
Rebellion "Mad World"
Order of the Dead "Stab"

Cult of Saints "Moonsong"
Setherial "Celestial Remains of the Cosmic Creation"
Pain of Salvation "Sleeping Under the Stars"
Helloween "Are You Metal?"
The Consortium of Genius "What a Friend We Have in Cthulu"

Ruination "Bleed the Wound"
Lux carentes "Slumbering in the Arms"
Chastain "The Mountain Whispers"
American Speedway "Howl Ya Doin"
Notekillers "Eyelash"

Combichrist "Sent to Destroy"
Razorwyre "Fuck You Tonight"
Psycho "Dr. Satan"
Rasputina "My Night Sky"
Dawn of Ashes "Nyarlathotep's Children of the Void"

Cult of Saints "Long Shadows at Twilight"
Place of Skulls "though He Slay Me"
Stench "The Fire"
Vex "Motionless"
Therion "Cu Chulainn"

Vengeance Rising "White Throne"
Bloodgood "Vagrant People"
Leather "The Battlefield of Life"

The Tards "Tear Out the Seats and Mosh"
Cavus "Fist of a Titan"
Control Denied "Breaking the Broken"
Furze "It Leads..."
Kobi LaCroix "We are the Vikings"

Angra "Lease of Life"
Intronaut "Sunderance"
Saeculum Obscurum "Downfall of a Dynasty"
Cypercore "Moment of Impact"
Cradle of Filth "One Foul Step from the Abyss"
Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"

Amelia is Dead "Amnesia Kills Bodies but Left Mine to Die Slowly"
Cosmic Sea "Conclusion of Man"
Ruination "Ghost in the Mirror"

King Diamond "The Candle"
Kylesa "Tired Climb"
Mongrel "West Memphis Hell"
Atheist "Fradulent Cloth"
Ript "Mental"

Nadiwrath "Darkness Has Lost It's Meaning"
Stoneman "Hope You All Die Soon"
Enthroned "Rion Riorrim"
Moss Circle "Ride the Dragon"
Revilers "Running Out"
Panzerbastard "Fatherless Son of a War Machine"

Psycho "Legalize Murder"
Steve vs The Volcano "211"
Insult "Sheople"

Feilds of the Nephilim "Dawnrazor"