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August 15, 2010 - I-Dosing Dave

LEEVD and Dave were both there, which might tend to disprove Azkath's theory of the week before that they are the same person, which EVD had strongly denied. Azkath had them take a picture with everyone in it, to document that both EVD and Dave were in it. He then told Shane, who was there after a long, long absence to prove that they were the same person. Shane said that he could do that, and went off to do so. He didn't come back. Azkath wanted to I-dose Dave. He was taken down to the basement, and left there I-Dose. When they brought him back up, the only thing he would do and say was scream "oogie woogie, oogie woogie" over and over. He ran outside and attacked a car going by screaming oogie woogie, oogie woogie at them. Everyone ran outside after Dave, they had to tackle him, and there was a humping pile. They finally got him inside, and, thanks to Adam, chained him to a chair. They found out that the way to cure Dave from oogie woogie-ing, was to feed him a pepperoni. Once Dave was back to being Dave, he said that he was upset that he had failed the Dead Host drill of a few weeks back, where Azkath would think up a scenario that would have led to his death, and everyone there would try to take over and run the show. Everyone had failed. And Dave had failed because when it was his turn to try and run the show, there was only silence, because, being that he is the worst co-host in the world, he wasn't there. Dave claimed that he could run the show and wanted to try. So Azkath devised the scenario, he was stuck on his roof, and raccoons ate his face, and he died, and then the raccoons set him on fire. Just Joe later had a problem with this, as these were things that happened to him, not Azkath, Just Joe accused Azkath of stealing other people's events, but for now they were going with that. Dave was told that he had to successfully play a Queensryche song, which no one else had been able to do, and then play a request of Little Gorgar's. Dave did both successfully, which means, I guess, that he is by far the most capable of taking over the program, the only one actually, but unfortunately, it doesn't matter, because he is never there to be able to run it should the need arise. Just Joe said that he wanted another chance to try running the show. But when he tried to play Queensrryche, the same thing that had happened before happened again, the only thing that would play no matter what he did was The Smurfs, doing a techno thing, which no one could ever even figure out where it had came from. Just Joe decided that, instead of playing music, he would give the webcam viewers a special treat, a puppet show. He had a glove with five monkeys on it for the fingers, and a Cthulhu puppet. He had Cthulhu start eating the monkeys. Dave is terrified of puppets for some reason (puppets and trees), so he ran away shrieking, and in his blind rush to get away knocked Azkath down the basement stairs, which is a first, in all these years, and all the people who have gone tumbling down those stairs, most often Just Joe, Azkath never has. He announced that falling down the stairs officially sucked, which I'm sure a lot of people would readily agree with him on, especially Just Joe. Azkath was pissed at Just Joe for causing him to fall down the stairs by bringing out his puppets and scaring Dave, and he threw Joe down the stairs. Dave was now gone for the night. There was a segment of Adventures In Listening, begun with new Soundgarden, of all things, but I liked it, and two segments of Movie Time. Gorgar was there in the last two hours of the program. He told us he'd been having some problems with his heart. We all wish him well with that, hopefully they will be cleared up soon. In the mean time, I guess, for his own good, the more bad things that happen to him at LE, the less they will happen to him in general... 
- Fire Eater Wizard

(R) - Requested

Austian Death Machine "Come on Copehagan, Give Deez People Ehyar"
Revenant Dead "The Dead is Here"
Mose Giganticus "Demon Tusk / Days of Yore"

Thirteen South "From the Inside Out"
Ozzy Osbourne "Let It Die"
Avenged Sevenfold "Welcome to the Family"
Moore "March to War / Black Widow"

Thirteen South "Hungry Hungry Hippoes"
Early Man "Someone Elses Nightmare"
Melvins "Evil New War God"
Miss May I "We have Fallen"

Soundgarden "Black Rain"
Destruction of a Rose "Open Your Eyes Not Your Legs"
SAGE4 "Am I Evil?"
Chaosburn "Bringer of Storms"
For Today "Seraphim"

Pandora's Lunchbox "My Body"
Blind Guardian "Road of No Release"
Panzie "Built on Hate"
Ominos "Ominous"
Cephalic Carnage "Abraxas of Filth"
Primal Scream "Scream Till You Bleed"

Murderdolls "Bored til Death"
Bonded by Blood "Blood Spilled Offerings"
One Step Beyon "Wasted"
The Gathering "Third Chance"

The Old Dead Tree "Joy & Happiness"
Duskmusik "Everybody Loves Me"
Firewater "The Man With The Blurry Face"

Queensryche "Deliverance"
Children of Bodom "One Day You Will Cry" (R)

Iron Maiden "The Alchemist"
Cephalic Carnage "Abraxas of Filth"
Divinity "Monsters are Real"
Millbastards "Freezer - Live"
Morning Sidekick "Renaissance Fair"

Deathloch "Single Serving"
DogHouse Swine "Never Goin' Back"
Gods and Gunsmoke "Quick Shot of Adrenaline"
The Commander-in-Chief "Great Expectations"
The Wretched "Cimmerian Shamballa"

Black Label Socity "Black Sunday"
Spellbound Dazzle "The Foolin' of Each Other"
The Deal with 44 "Metamorphosis"
Jesus on Extasy "Nuclear Bitch"
Sight Unseen "Truth about Denial"

Michael Monroe "Million Miles Away"
Sword "Runaway"
Horseback "Tyrant Symmetry"
Hiroshima Vacation "He's Standing Right Behind Me, Isn't He"
United Nations "Communication Letdown"

Downspirit "Make My Day"
Soilwork "Deliverance is Mine"
Early Graves "Giveup"
Y&T "On with the Show"
Shok Paris "Battle Cry"
The Right Wing Conspiracy "Stepped on Your Toes"

End of a Year "Charles Ewert"
Caladmor "Darkness"
Sons of Liberty "Our Dying Republic"
Winterhorde "Wreckages Ghost"
Sickhoose "SRJ"

Motorhead "I Ain't No Nice Guy" (R)
Enemy of the Sun "Sky Shooting Stars"
Decrepit Birth "Solar Impulse"
Cro-Mags "We Gotta Know"
Mose Giganticus "Legacy"
Coliseum "Skeleton Smile"

Panzie "Rock n Roll Hammer"