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August 1, 2010 - Check Engine Acoustic

Tim of Check EngineTim, the vocalist for the band Check Engine, was there for the first couple hours of the program. He was interviewed, the songs from his band's CD were played, and he performed a few songs live and acoustic on the air.  Just Joe was still sticking to his claim that the I-dosing they've been experimenting on him with for the last two weeks have absolutely no affect on him whatsoever, even though it's obvious to everyone else that they do. Azkath asked Just Joe where his MP3 player, with the I-doses on it, had gone. Just Joe said he had no idea, but Azkath searched him, and, what do you know, there was his MP3 player. Just Joe, of course, claimed he had no idea how it had gotten there. When it came time for Russian Roulette, Azkath told Just Joe he had a new I-Dose for him, and that, if no bullet played, he could have the MP3 player and listen to it. If a bullet played, Foul Mouth Girl could try it, to which Just Joe said he would go with her, just to make sure she knew how it worked, of course, although he didn't know why they were even bothering with it any more, since they clearly did not work. No bullet. Just Joe pretended he didn't care, and eagerly grabbed the MP3 player and raced off to the basement. I have never seen Just Joe so eager to hang out in the basement. Given all the horrible things that have happened to him there, all the bad things he's seen down there, and the many, many, many, many times he's been thrown down those stairs, he used to avoid the basement like the plague. Wonder what's changed?? Can't be that he loves I-Dosing, since it doesn't work at all. Azkath said he himself had created this biaurl, and that it was supposed to make you all drunk and goofy. And, go figure, that is exactly the way Just Joe came back from the basement, all laughing, and running after a ball that Azkath told him to chase, even though there was no ball, although Just Joe somehow returned with one, saying he'd found it. Azkath told Just Joe there was one more new I-Dose on the MP3 player, again, one that he himself had made, and that Just Joe could listen to it. Just Joe said he didn't care, grabbed the MP3 player and dashed down to the basement. Azkath said this one was supposed to make you paranoid. Just Joe came back all jumpy and somewhat hostile and accusatory, if you asked him any question at all he would snap "why do you want to know?". He would jump at any little thing, and wound up curled up in a fetal position in the corner. Dave, the worst co-host in the world, was actually there for a while at the beginning of the program, even picking out the first set of music. There were two segments of Movie Time in the last portion of the program. Just Joe ended up the night talking in a very monotone way, no matter what the conversation was he put no expression into it. Azkath told him it was ok to get excited, he yelled out excitedly once, then went back to being all expressionless... Ya know, Just Joe's been acting really weird lately, even for him. Wonder what could be causing it?? Has he been doing anything new lately? Can't think of anything. Oh yeah, there is the I-dosing, but it can't be that, since that doesn't work at all, just ask Just Joe. Of course, he might bite your head off for asking, or just point and giggle hysterically, if you do... Who knows what the cause is... Maybe it's from hanging out in the basement too much, some very strange shit has been known to happen down there...
- Fire Eater Wizard

(R) Requested

Into Eternity "Spiraling into Depression"
New Animal "Give It"
Cannibal Corpse "Carrion Sculpted Entity"
IwrestledaBearOnce "Firelord Ulrich (Remixed by Dada Yakuza)"

Sickhoose "TIA"
Muckraker "Big Box"
Yun-Fat "He Wants a Bullet Between his Eyes"
Coliseum "Cloaked in Red"
Daniel Lioneye "I Have Never wanted to be Number One"

Check Engine "Filter"
Vindicator "I Hate People"
Aveneged Sevenfold "Natural Born Killer"
Angels of Babylon "Apocalypse 2012"
Tom Smith "Old Fump Guy"

Every Last Breath "Hard Times"
9Round "The Disease"
Bonded by Blood "Prototype: Death Machine"
The Workhorse "Revolution Blood Machine"
Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"

Check Engine "Respected or Feared - Live Acoustic"

Millbastards "Surf Tune - Live"
Norma Jean "Bastardizer"
Moore "Soul Crusher"
Maax "Go Fuck Yourself"
Mose Giganticus "The Great Deceiver"

Check Engine "Hold On / The Truth - Live Acoustic"

Bitter End ""Unjust"
Winterhorde "Delirium"
Early Man "The Undertaker is Calling You"
Nobody Lives Forever "Eat Your Weight"
Panzie "Rock n Roll Hammer"

Manowar "Heaven and Hell"
Ominos "Scar-Spangled Banner"
The Commander-In-Chief "Paranoid"
Steve Goodie "Mel Gibson's Greatest Hit"

Y&T "Wild Child"
Sons of Liberty "False Flag"
Ivory Tower "Subjective Enemy"
Death Loch "Black Moon Rising"
God Sized Hate "Desperate Days"

Mose Giganticus "White Horse"
Millbastards "Mr. Hands / Freezer - Live"
Dir En Grey "Hydra - Live"
Enemy of the Sun "Another End of the Rainbow"

The Olde Dead Tree "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"
Android Lust "Ultraman"
Pantera "We'll Meet Again"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Doomsday for the Deceiver"
Reckless "Voices in the Night"

Ozzy Osbourne "Diggin Me Down" (R)
Sickhoose "TAF" (R)
22nd Century "509"
Doghouse Swine "Go to Hell"
Check Engine "the Truth"

Slang "Black Rain"
Alice Cooper "Eighteen"
Black River "Breaking the Wall"
Jesus on Exstacy "Beloved Enemy"
Memmaker "Death Comes (Remixed by Rottersand)"

Enemy of the Sun "Chasing the Dragon"
Concerto Moon "Time to Die"
Proghma-C "Spitted Out"
Zoroaster "Black Hole"
The Judas Syndrome "The End Use"
Black Label Society "Parade of the Dead"
Carla Ulbrich "Swamp Thing"

Haste the Day "Merit for Sadness"
Texas Hippie Coalition "Jesus Freak"
Beta Plus Embryo "Cog in the Machine"
Sister Sin "Heading for Hell"
Revenant Dead "Severance"

The Devil's Blood "The Anti-Cosmic Magick"