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August 8, 2010 - Joe vs The Water Balloons

Just JoeEVD was there, but Dave was not, which leads us to conclude that EVD and Dave are the same person, or that EVD can morph into either one, because whenever EVD is there, Dave isn't, and vice versa. EVD strongly denies this, but no one believes him. Two women representing Wicked Ithaca dropped by to tell us about that upcoming event. Victoria was there for a little while and she concurred that EVD and Dave must be one and the same. Gorgar and Little Gorgar were there early in the night, much earlier than Gorgar is usually there. Azkath explained I-dosing to EVD and Gorgar. When Russian Roulette was played... If a bullet played, Gorgar would get to try the I-dosing. If no bullet, Azkath would play a special song just for Just Joe. And, if an EVD bullet played, EVD would get to try the I-dosing. No bullet. However, Just Joe was elsewhere when the set was playing, and wasn't listening, so they lied to him and told him a bullet had played. So Gorgar went down to the basement to lie quietly still and I-Dose. While he was doing that, Little Gorgar got to take Just Joe outside and throw water balloons at him, he came back inside soaked. When Gorgar finally came back, he was very un-Gorgar like, he was actually happy, very happy, which is never the case with him. He was so mellow and happy that he didn't even freak out in the slightest when told there was a big spider on his arm, or even when he was told that there were deer. He said it didn't matter, he liked deer. And, unlike Just Joe, who still tries to insist, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, that the I-dosing doesn't work at all, Gorgar readily admitted that they worked great. Gorgar departed all smiles and happy, again, an unbelievable sight. Azkath told Just Joe that they had lied to him, that there had been no bullet. But he said he would now play Just Joe the special song he would really like. It was a cover of "Mr. Roboto", by Mose Giganticus, which both Just Joe, and I, did enjoy very much indeed. There was a segment of Movie Time. Then, when he was supposed to be on the air, Just Joe wasn't there. Foul Mouth Girl was sent to look for him, and brought him back from the basement. And he had MP3 headphones on. Azkath accused him of I-dosing. Just Joe tried to deny it, but, once again, Azkath found his MP3 player on Just Joe. Azkath told Just Joe that he was not allowed to I-dose any more, and, besides, why should he care, since they have no effect on him at all? Just Joe kept trying to sneak off with the MP3 player again, so Azkath gave him a brutal beat down. Then he kept taunting an injured Just Joe with the MP3 player, asking him if he wanted it, when Just Joe said yes, telling him he couldn't have it, telling him "here it is", then saying "but not for you", and pulling it away from him. In the last talk break of the night, however, Just Joe once again had managed to get his hands on the MP3 player (he is nothing if not determined). When Azkath tried to grab it away from him, he ran away with it, and, because he was running so hard, and not paying attention to where he was going, he fell right down the basement stairs. But he still had the MP3 player, and he was now down in the basement with it, so I guess, regardless of how he got there, he was happy. That could change, or increase, depending on which I-dose he started listening to down there... 
- Fire Eater Wizard

Mose Giganticus "My Machine / The Left Path"
Daniel Lioneye "Flatlined"
Enemy of the Sun "Another End of the Rainbow"
Bonded by Blood "Desolate Future"
Millbastards "Freezer"

Avenged Sevenfold "God Hates Us"
Seraiah "Devestating Daydream"
Revenant Dead "Severance"
Jesus on Extasy "Puppet"
Morning Sidekick "Renaissance Fair"

Yun-Fat "Her Hand is Waving Goodbye"
Panzie "Angry Man"
Death Loch "No more Words"
Worm Quartet "Let's Make Fun of the Amish / Dandelions Suck / Coffee"
Vindicator "Shock Treatment"

Spellbound Dazzle "Monster"
Soilwork "Night Comes Clean"
The Other "Talk to the Dead"
Voices of Extreme "Apocalypse"
Check Engine "Respected or Feared"

God Size Hate "Desperate Days"
The Commander-In-Chief "Paranoid"
Key of Mythras "Thou Shalt"
Sickhoose "SRJ"
Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"

Mose Giganticus "Commander!"
Mushroomhead "Come On"
Muckraker "Pitchfork and Musket"
Downspirit "Lost"
Barren Earth "Ere All Perish"

Ace Frehley "Into the Night"
Borknagar "Inherit the Earth"
Razor "Hypertension"
Distorted "One Last Breath"
After Forever "My Pledge of Allegiance #1"
The Pushrods "Liar"
Eterne "Delirium"

Ozzy Osbourne "Crucify"
Michael Monroe "Angel"
Sword "Stoned Again / State of Shock"
Millbastards "Trephornication - Live"
Circle Jerks "Don't Care / World Up My Ass / Patty's Killing Mel"
Negative Approach "Nothing"
Insane Ian feat. Odd Austin and TV's Kyle "MvL"

Ivory Tower "Keys"
Proghma-C "Spiraling TO Another"
Horseback "Invokation"
Sight Unseen "Truth and Denial"
The Deal with 44 "Metamorphosis"

Mose Giganticus "Mr. Roboto"
United Nations "Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures"
Of Earth "Heart of the Hard Drive"
Skin Like Iron "A Metropolis Collapsed"
Tristania "Sirens"
Jingo De Lunch "Flapjax"

Eyes on Infinity "Faith in Chaos"
Descent into Madness "Chains of Cruelty"
The Agonist "Monochromatic Stains"
Audio Transmission Nine "All I Want"
The Workhorse "War Machine"

Angels of Babylon "Kingdom of Evil"
Wide Awake "Forevermore"
Early Man "I Am the Child of Evil"
Accept "Seawinds"
Anthrax "All the Wars"
Anti-Nowhere League "I Hate... People"
Cirque du So What "The Track You Will Listen to the Most on This Disc"
Devo Spice "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy"

Coliseum "Everything to Everyone"
Mose Giganticus "Connect That Wire to the Black Wire"
Moore "Why Do We Kill the Ones We Love"
Dead Kennedy's "Forward to Death"
Bitter End "Inborn"
Cirque Du So What "Gilbert's Thing of Stuff"
Antimatter "Mr. White"

Andy Prieboy "Tomorrow Wendy"