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June 27, 2010 - Sorrow of Batavia

Sorrow of BataviaJason, Justin, and Bryan, who make up three fourths of the band Sorrow Of Batavia, were there for almost the first half of the program. They were interviewed, and lots of their songs were played. They rock. They had the band play each other at Boggle. The winner would get to pick a set of music. The loser would have, um well, a "fate" befall him. Jason won, so he got to pick his set of music, a heavy set. They let the band vote on which of two fates should befall Justin. Should he have a naked Just Joe and Dave give him a lap dance, or, should balloons be put on top of him, and Dave splash him 'til all the balloons were popped. All three members could vote, including Justin. Naked lap dance won out. So Just Joe and Dave stripped down and gave Justin his lap dance. But actually, Justin and Bryan got lap dances, because, though Bryan had the chance to move and avoid it, he didn't. Um, ah, guys, I'm really concerned about you! I'd advise you to seek out some professional help, like, right away, quickly! Dave, who had finally seen fit to actually show up, and then left rather early, was presented with a plaque proclaiming him the worst co-host ever, with a bad picture of him on it. Dave was thrilled to get an award, apparently not minding at all that it was saying that he was the worst, I think that was kinda lost on him. Azkath gave Dave several shots to the head with his own award, knocking him out. When Dave came to, he was told that, if he actually showed up regularly, he could have his own entrance theme music. This made Dave very happy. They gave EVD a present, because they pay attention to him when he talks, and they knew it was something he would truly love... A framed picture of George W. Bush. I'm sure those screams from EVD were screams of joy and delight. They took the picture and rubbed it all over EVD. Again, I'm sure those increasingly louder shrieks from EVD were due to the great pleasure this brought him. Just Joe put the picture in EVD's car, but EVD took it out, obviously not wanting to be away from it for even one second. But somehow he left it behind when he went home, all that joy and giddiness must have gotten to him, he just couldn't think straight. Ria, who hadn't been there in a while showed up around 3:00. There was a segment of Adventures In Listening, and Movie Time. And something Azkath had done off and on throughout the years was sort of re-debuted this night... Anomaly Corner. Throughout the last couple hours of the program, he read actual news stories of strange never explained events from over the years in various locations, a cattle mutilation, a strange yellow glow that hung over upstate New York long ago, and a never understood wave of blackness that occurred in the middle of the day, traveling through different areas, years ago. Are theory is that these could very well have been the work of Shoggoths. Just Joe whimpered every time this theory was put forth...
- Fire Eater Wizard

(R) = Requested

The Accused "Pounding Nails (into the lid of your coffin) / War=Death '88 (and Beyond) / Saturday Night Special"
Circle Jerks "Beat Me Senseless"
Dead Kennedy's "Let's Lynch the Landlord"

Sorrow of Batavia "Midnight Moon - Live"
Detente "Kill Rush"
Moore "Scarred for Life"
Iron Maiden "El Diablo"
Tears "Time Master"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Hollow So Vapid"
Ana Kefr "Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn"
Divinity Destroyed "Like a Prayer"
The Commander-In-Chief "Great Expectations"
Amelia is Dead "Beautiful Silence"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Road Yet Traveled - Live"
Shadow Eden "Your Attention Please"
Maax "Die by the Axe"
Extreme Noise Terror "Cage Paralysis / Think Outside the Box"
Necromonicon "Necropolis"
Hemoptysis "And the World Dies"

Sorrow of Batavia "The Wretched One"
Van Canto "Battery"
Skull Fist "Blackout"
Vindicator "Shock Trauma"

Nile "Sacrifice Unto Sebek"
The Black Dahlia Murder "I Will Return"
Belphegor "The Ancient Enemy"
Oceano "District of Misery"

Sorrow of Batavia "A Descent, Charred and Blackened - Live"
Early Graves "Wraiths"
Thirteen South "Remnants"
In Fear and Faith "Bought the Ticket, Took the Ride"

Exodus "Democide"
Anacrusis "Wrong"

Raven "Hard Ride"
The Great Kat "Rossini's The Barber of Seville"
Slayer "Disorder w/Ice T"
Artillery "In the Trash"
Pitchshifter "Genius"

Possessed "The Eyes of Horror"
Heretic "Riding with the Angels"
Killing Joke "Requiem"
Lethargy "Among the Dead I Lie"
Malevolent Creation "Monster"

Buzzkill "Spellbound and Bitten"
Sickhoose "SRJ"
Dreyelands "Room 3 - Pretending"
Paradox "Power and Glory"
Section A "The City is Falling"

Beta Plus Embryo "Time Kills Everything"
Texas Hippie Coalition "Pissed Off and Mad About It"
Parkway Drive "Sleepwalker"
Edenbridge "Higher"
Evil Dead - The Musical "Do the Necronomicon"

Ozzy Osbourne "Let It Die"
Acid Tiger "Dark Hands"
Blacklisted "I'm Trying to Disappear"
Dead Kennedy's "Chemical Warfare"
Nomeansno "Forward to Death"

Entropia "Nowhere to Hide"
Metal Church "(My Favorite) Nightmare / Waiting for a Saviour"
Monster Magnet "Baby Gotterdamerung - Live / Lord 13"
Suicidal Tendencies "Sorry!? / The Feeling's Back"

Sword "Dare to Spit"
Worm Quartet "Corn / Strap-On Brain"
Faith No More "Surprise, You're Dead!"
Firewater "Whistling in the Dark"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Fade to Black"

Coliseum "Statuary"
Check Engine "Nothing"
Holy Terror "Debt of Pain"
7 Seconds "Regress No Way"

Chastain "The Wicked are Restless"