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August 22, 2010 - Just Joe Gets Sent Away...

The week before, EVD, Dave, and Shane had all been there, tending to disprove the theory that EVD and Dave are really the same person. Shane had been told to prove that they were the same person. He had said he could do that, and then departed to get the proof. He had promised to bring the found proof this week, but now none of the three were there. So the mystery remains. Jess, from Wicked Ithaca, stopped by for one talk break near the beginning of the program to update us on that upcoming event. Tim, formerly of Century Media, and before that, of Victory Records, who hasn't been at LE for quite a while was there for about three hours. Ria was also there for a while. There were three segments of Movie Time interspersed throughout the night. Tim joined in on two of them, and Ria did on one. Just Joe had been claiming that he had not I-dosed in two weeks, and was done with it. No one really believed him, though. At the end of the program, Azkath found Just Joe outside, near the ditch, passed out in the rain, wet and shivering, with headphones on! He had been I-dosing! He tried to deny that that was what he had been doing, but it was obvious. Azkath told Just Joe that he was sending him into rehab, that he was staging an intervention. Just Joe said that he didn't need rehab, that he could stop any time he wanted to. And, besides, he went on, there was no such thing as rehab for I-dosing. Azkath insisted that he was going to put him into rehab. Which is very considerate of him, and really the least he can do, since he is the one who got Just Joe addicted to I-dosing in the first place... The program ended with Just Joe wanting to go get in the ditch and listen to I-doses some more. Yeah, right, he definitely doesn't have a problem, no addiction there at all!
-Fire Eater Wizard

Sons of Liberty "Jeckyll Island"
Revenant Dead "Requiem"
Winterhorde "Underwatermoon"
Mose Giganticus "Blood from this Stone"

Aggressor "Chopper"
Vindicator "The Dog Beneath the Skin"
Moore "Anymore"
Angels Beneath Me "This Art is Suicide"

Every Last Breath "After the Fallout - Live"
Nine Round "Comics and Columns - Live"
Avenged Sevenfold "Buried Alive"
Caladmor "Darkness"
Brian Barr "The Call - Gathering the Tribes"

Acid Bath "Venus Blue"
Millbastards "Bunny Boiler - Live"
Panzie "All American"
Sickhoose "TAF"
Mose Giganticus "We'll Overcome You Using Our Technology"

Ayat "Curses! Curses! And Never Sleep..."
Baroness "Wanderlust - Live"
TV's Kyle "Seagull Massacre"
God Sized Hate "Desperate Days"
Ozzy Osbourne "Jump the Moon"

Black Sabbath "Ancient Warrior"
Martyr "Black Sun"
Wurzel "Midnight in London"
Primal Scream "Kill the Light"
Shok Paris "On Your Feet - Live"

Apocalyptica "2010"
Knights of the Abyss "Council of Wolves"
Iron Maiden "Starblind"
Haeresiarchs of Dis "Nine Days They Fell / Intent Concupisecnce"
Melvins "I'll Finish You Off"

Hero Destroyed "That's An Axe"
City of Fire "Gravity"
I Shalt Become "Harlow's Verticle Chamber Apparatus"
Voices of Extreme "Break the Silence"
Thirteen South "Dead City"

Aggressor "Deathwalker"
The Contrortionist "Expire"
Showdown "Man Named Hell"
Revenant Dead "Death Spawn"
Waking the Cadaver "Boss Status"

Vindicator "Gore Orphanage"
Early Man "Brainwash at Birth"
Ominous "Step Up"
Muckraker "The Fourth Estate"
Check Engine "Counted"

Agent Steel "Still Searchin'"
Andra Dare "Sublimations"
Bibleblack "The Dark Engine"
Blood Barrier Reef "Still Waiting for an Age of Enlightenment / All has Been Said and Done"
The Daughters of Bristol "In the Midst of Your Temple"

22nd Century "Let Me Be"
Brain Dead "All is... Strange!"
Black Pajent "Reality Defiled"
Kataklysm "Push the Venom"
Fen "Through the Night"

Dragonforce "Strike of the Ninja"
Cephalic Carnage "Abraxas of Filth"
Deathloch "Single Serving"
Liv Kristine "Train to Somewhere"
Bonded by Blood "Episodes of Aggession"

Murderdolls "Nothing's Gonna Be Alright"
Mose Giganticus "White Horse"
Sage4 "Everyone's a Hypocrite"
Pandora's Lunchbox "John Henry has a Hammer and the White Man is a Mountain"
Enemy of the Sun "The Power of Mankind"

Winterhorde "Farewell"