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July 25, 2010 - The I-Dose Experiments Continue

Ria was there for a little while in the middle of the night, and The Enforcer stopped by for one talk break in the middle of the program, much later than he is usually there. When Just Joe was asked about his experience last week with I-dosing, he still kept insisting that they had had absolutely no affect on him whatsoever, even though it had been obvious to everyone else that they had. He then asked if the MP3 player with the I-Doses on it was here, was told it was, and said of course he didn't care at all. However, he kept eyeing it, and trying to sneak over and take it, always saying that he didn't care about it at all. He was told there was now a new one on the MP3 player, one that was supposed to make you laugh. When a Russian Roulette Set was played, Just Joe was told that, if no bullet played, he could hear the new one, if a bullet played, he could not. Just Joe pretended not to care. Bullet, so no I-dosing for Just Joe. Still Just Joe kept being extremely fascinated with the MP3 player, and pretending not to be. Later, he was told that there would be a second Russian Roulette Set, same rules. This time, no bullet. Just Joe took the MP3 player downstairs, and listened to the new I-Dose, which, to refresh anyone's memory, or for anyone new here, is two tones, a different one in each ear, which, when listened to through headphones in a dark, quiet place for a half hour or an hour, in a meditative state, is supposed to change your brain waves, and affect your mind, altering it. Of course, given that it's Just Joe we're talking about here, assuming there is a mind there to alter is always a big assumption. Just Joe came back all giggly, laughing at everything, but saying that the I-dosing didn't work, he just found things funny, like, everything, funny. Azkath told Just Joe that there was one more new I-Dose on the MP3 player that he hadn't tried yet, that it was hidden on there, but that he could scroll around on there and try to find it if he wanted to. Just Joe said what would be the point in that, since none of them worked, and then promptly grabbed the MP3 player and headed for the basement. He returned from that in the last talk break of the night, and, he had obviously managed to find the hidden I-Dose, he was now acting totally retarded, pointing and giggling hysterically at everything. Luckily it was time to leave. Wow, good thing that I-dosing has no affect on Just Joe, lucky there is no way he's becoming addicted to them, because these behaviors he's been exhibiting lately for some strange, unexplained reason, well, they can be kinda a problem, annoying, especially this last one. There was Adventures In Listening, two segments of Movie Time, now with it's own movie background theme music, and an Anomaly Corner...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Playlist for The Last Exit for the Lost: July 25, 2010
(R) - Requested

The Waters Deep Here "Acedia / Super Bia"
Freedom Call "The Darkness / Remember!"

Ivory Tower "Construction Site"
The Devil's Blood "Angel's Prayer"
Ozzy Osbourne "Soul Sucker"
Mose Giganticus "Demon Tusk"
Early Man "The Undertaker is Calling You"

Manowar "Thunder in the Sky"
Turning Lead into Gold "Chlorine and Crystal"

Check Engine "Filter"
Revamp "Fast Forward"
Steve Goodie "The Pedley"
Black River "Lucky in Hell"
And Hell Followed With "Deadworld Reclamation"

Wurzel "People Say I'm Crazy"
Leather Angel "We Came to Kill"
Cro-Mags "See the Signs"
Barren Cross "State of Control"
Angel Witch "Loser"
Abstrakt Algebra "Vanishing Man"

Mind at Large "Angershines"
Sentenced "Noose"
Chuck Mosley and VUA "We Care a Lot"
Red Wine "Don't Talk to Strangers"
Skif Dank "You Give Love a Bad Name"

Check Engine "Hold On"
Millbastards "Tranny - Live" (R)
Vindicator "Shock Trauma"
Yun-Fat "Pinga Piringa (The Departure Song)"
Lemon Demon "The Ultimate Showdown"

Bitter End "The Hand that Feeds"
End of a Year "Composite Character"
United Nations "O You Bright and Risen Angels"
Millbastards "Freezer - Live"
Circle Jerks "All Wound Up"

Proghma-C "Army of Me"
Votum "Faces"
Winterhorde "Underwatermoon"
Sons of Liberty "Feeling Helpless"
Caladmor "Midwinter"
Jesus on Extasy "Beloved Enemy"

Psyche Corporation "Whirring World"
Millbastards "Hippo Cock / Treph - Live" (R)
Amelia is Dead "Beautiful Suicide"
Thirteen South "From the Inside out"
Circa Survive "Through the Desert Alone"

Sickhoose "SRJ"
The Commander-In-Chief "Paranoid"
God Size Hate "Desperate Days"
Revenant Dead "Army of One"
Beltane "The Adversary"

IWrestledABearOnce "Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains"
Lard "They're Coming to Take Me Away"
The Electric Hellfire Club "South of Heaven"
Pretty Maids "Needles in the Dark"
1349 "Satanic Propaganda"

Check Engine "The Truth"
Millbastards "How Low / Dog Nuts - Live"
Moore "Dance of the Damned"
Fey "Through the Night"
Norma Jean "Innocent Bystanders United"

Hiroshima Vacation "Blood Filled Wallet / How Long"
Octavius Regulus "The Rebellion"
Concerto Moon "Halfway to the Sun"
Nobody Lives Forever "Of Things Past"
Phantom X "A Strange World"

Shok Paris "Go Down Fighting - Live"
Ominos "Ominos"
Panzie "Rock n Roll Hammer"

Worm Quartet "You Were Wrong Cabinet Sanchez / Road Bliss"