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June 8, 2014 - 20th Anniversary Shows - Part 1: Crappy the Clown

IMG 5906This month, June, marks twenty years of "The Last Exit For The Lost", this incarnation of the program, it was around under other names, hosted by other people, but June of '94 is when this one debuted. So this LE was the first of four or five very special programs to celebrate that, bringing back many voices from the past, former co-hosts, featuring many bands, and reliving twenty years of memories and insanity. Present for this night were, Eric, Crappy The Clown, Azriel, formerly of the band Zadoc And The Nightmare, The Worst Co-host In The World, Dave, Harold The Enforcer, The Old Man, Tracy, and, Rub Mc'Groin. Crappy played and sang a song for us on his guitar. Multiple rounds of Hide And Go Beat were played. Dave is our co-champion at this game, along with Rob, from the band Thirteen South. And he did it again tonight, it took three people trying, Azriel finally found him, so he got to knock Dave out by bashing him over the head with a big black metal sheet. While Dave was out, Azriel rubbed his belly. Then The Old Man hid. Azriel found him, and killed him with the metal sheet. However, The Old Man has been killed before, many times, and for someone so ancient and frail, he is remarkably resilient. So I'm sure we will see him again, in fact, we did, later that night, in our chat room, where I became his nurse, and, well, let's just say, despite his age is a sleazy, lecherous pervert. Azriel hid, Arydaea and Tracy found him, so they each got to give him a shot with the metal sheet. A clip of a former co-host who won't be able to make it to the celebration, Zoltan The Avenger, was played. He is now too old and wimpy to join us, plus we were in a feud over who is more powerful, and clearly this means that he is afraid of me, and has conceded that I am. The last hour was a very special Old School Hour, all bands that were on LE over the years, performed for us, some were here as co-host bands they were here so often, bands who were interviewed, or interacted with LE. This hour, bands like, Divinity Destroyed, The Pushrods, If Man Is Five, Others, Missing Marcus, Armageddon Monks, New Animal, among many more, some tracks were performances live here, and there was a funny clip with a band member from way back in '94, our first year. And so thus went the first night of our month long celebration of twenty years of "The Last Exit For The Lost"!  - Recap by Fire Eater Wizard


Fields of the Nephilim "The Last Exit for the Lost"
Mercyful Fate "Nuns Have No Fun"
Laibach "WAT"

Deathinition "Art of Misunderstanding"
Discipline X "Walk to the Morgue"
Mad Agony "Presence"
Majster Kat "Podle Slova"
ThermiT "Holy Bomb"

Punch Drunk Monkeys "Mr Softy"
Enabler "World Sterilization"
Millbastards "Arsenic"
Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Armageddon "Aftermath"
Exodia "Future Generations"

Bad Teenage Moustache "Jesus Time"
Inviolate "Feast of Ashes"
Metsatoll "Together"
Iced Earth "Cthulhu"
One-Eyed Doll "The Loveland"
Arkan "My Reverence"
Threatfront "Shades of Hate"

Crappy Live "D-Cup Mountain"

Rev-33 "When I Scream"
Tombs "Seance"
The Osiris Club "Solid Glass"
Allegaeon "The Phylogenesis Stretch"
Killer Be Killed "Save the Robots"

Mayhem "Psywar"
Feed the Rhino "Behind the Pride"

Punch Drunk Monkeys "Cooking with Uncle Charlie"
Special Unit 2 "Don't Waste My Time"
Castle "Pyramid Lake"
Insane Ian featuring Victor Acord and Bonecage "Godzilla"
Pile of Heads "What We Feed Off"
Unaussprechlichen Kulten "Side B"

Zimmer's Hole "Anonymous Esophagus"
Souldrainer "The Release"
Genitor "Matt's Lament"
Mongrel "Consumed"
Nightmare "Necromancer"
Arch Enemy "You Will Know My Name"
Bomb and Scary "Menagerie"
King 810 "Killem All"

Rev-33 "Waiting"
Pet the Preacher "Fire Baby"
Cold Steel "You Lose!"
Pet the Preacher "Marching Earth Pt 1"
Brother Firetribe "Edge of Forever"

Beartooth "I Have a Problem"
Negativeland-Chumbawamba "(C) is for Stupid"
Worm Quartet "C is for Lettuce"
Devo Spice "I Am the Doctor"

Divinity Destroyed "Sweet Heresy"
The Plankboys "Better Off Dead"
If Man is Five "Azreala"
Tomorrow's Dream "God's Flesh"
Skinning Wire "Again"

Lethargy "A Moment Away"
Missing Marcus "So Much for Goodbye - Live in Studio"
Loki the Grump "Brand New Me"
Armageddon Monks "Pope Action Shotgun"

Mastermind "Break Me Down"
One Step Beyond "Future Politician"
The Pushrods "Liar"
Others "Not a Word - Live in Studio"
New Animal "Hollow"

Psyche Corporation "Antoinette"