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October 24, 2010 - Calm before the Storm

There was something new that had never been done before, a Little Gorgar's Corner, Little Gorgar got to play a set of music that was her picks. When Tribute to the Past Russian Roulette was played, if a bullet played, Just Joe would get a preview of what might, and probably would, be in store for him next week, which would be The Hard Core Halloween Show. He would get a preview of one of the contraptions Azkath was working on for the occasion. If no bullet, then no preview. No bullet. So we shall see in next week's recap how The Hardcore Halloween Show went. There was a segment of Adventures In Listening, and, for the second time in not very many weeks, the rule of no matter how much something in that segment might suck, it would be let play all the way through, was broken when something sounding very country played and it was stopped, and a new, slightly revised, rule was instituted, that if a song in that segment does not fit the format of LE, it goes. There were three segments of Movie time, with Ria sort of participating in one of them, only she hadn't really seen much of anything lately. There were two segments of Anomaly Corner...
-Fire Eater Wizard

Dyonisis "Eve's Song"
Dio "The Last in Line / Children of the Sea / Holy Diver / Heaven and Hell - Live"

Ayat "Curses! Curses! and Never Sleep"
Forbidden "Forsaken at the Gates"
Anti-Bodies "Blacked Out"
Resistant Culture "Surviving in Darkness"
Tryptikon "I am the Twilight"

Mastadon with Billy Gibbons "Just Got Paid"
Creation's End "Hollow"
The Sorrow "Knights of Doom"
Ross the Boss "Great Gods Glorious / Shining Path"

Cult of Saints "Khatam"
Neverland "No One Leaves the Hive"
Mudvayne "Scream with Me" (R)
Kings X "Sumerland - Live"
Firewater "This is My Life"

Sturm Und Drang "The River Runs Dry"
Children of Bodom "Triple Corpse Hammer Blow"
Amoral "Gave Up Easy"

Insane Ian "We're All Gonna Die"
Baptized in Blood "Up Shirts Down Skirts"
Deep Throat "Everything is Black"
Jesus on Extasy "No Gods"
Gay for Johnny Depp "You Have a Theory, I Have a Gun"

Deathkids "Smash Your Face"
Four Trips Ahead "Memento"
Widow Sunday "Dust Angel"
Carach Angren "Corpse in a Nebulous Creek"
Woe "Hatred is our Heart"

Circle of Animals "Poison the Lamb"
Therion "Hellequin"
Mose Giganticus "Bluff and Cover"
Revilers "Stand or Fall"
Insult "Blabbermouth"
Rampant Decay "Pigshit"

King Diamond "A Broken Spell"
The Purrs "Hellish Nightmare"
Anacrusis "Screaming Breath"
Lotus Project "Storm"
Current 93 "Crowleymass Unveiled"

Pasadena Napalm Division "100 Beers with a Zombie"
Wrathchild America "Surrounded by Idiots" (R)
Pro-Pain "Gone Rogue (I Apologize)"
Excruciator "Edenwitch of Torment"
C.P.X. "Choice"

D.O.M. "Soul"
Welicoruss "Dust Fly"
Spellbound Dazzle "Spaceman"
Samson "Red Skies"
Angkor Wat "Oridinary Madness"

Pictures of Pain "Far Beyond"
Jason Brendt "Black Tan Wasted"
Problem with Dragons "Salvation"
The Way of Purity "Anchored to Suffocation"
Cough "Crippled Wizard"

Enslaved "The Beacon"
Dyonisis "Arachne's Song"
While Heaven Wept "The Drowning Years - Live"
TV's Kyle "Apple Feast"
Bring Me the Horizon "Don't Go"

Norma Jean "High Noise Low Output"
Melechech "Sacred Geometry"
Borgne "Suffering to Buy Our Poison"
Society's Plague "The Human, The Canvas"
The Lobster Quadrille "The Whore of Babylon - Live"

Dio "Rainbow in the Dark - Live"