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September 12, 2010 - Wulfie Invasion

WulfieAt the beginning of the program there was a ton of people there. EVD and Dave were there seeming once again to cast doubt on the theory that they are the same person. Tim was there, and he had brought with him his friend Steve again, so it was Steve's second time there. EVD was asked if he had broken Just Joe out of rehab where he had been put to cure his I-dosing addiction. EVD said that he had gone to the rehab, but Just Joe was not there. That mystery was very soon to be solved, because just then arrived Wulfie and his brother BBBIIIIIILLLLL!!! (You have to say the name BBBIIIIILLLL!!! like that, which is why Azkath insisted he now be known as Ed), from The Metallic Onslaught. They had with them a bound and gagged Just Joe. Wulfie arrived with his werewolf mask on, but soon took it off, saying of course he was not a werewolf. Wulfie said he and BBBIIIIILLLLL!!! err, Ed were going to hold Just Joe hostage until Azkath did something about Jeffie. Azkath told Wulfie he thought he had something he would like to put an end to this problem, he would do something he would normally never do, but just for him he would, he would play Bon Jovi, as Jeffie had told him how much Wulfie liked Bon Jovi. Wulfie said Jeffie was a liar. Wulfie demanded that Azkath make Jeffie stupid, even more stupid than he already was, like really, really stupid, so that Jeffie would believe that Wulfie was really a werewolf. They had them un-gag Just Joe (and they ripped duct tape off his whole head, tearing out a lot of hair doing that), and Just Joe said that he thought he could accomplish this, he would I-dose Jeffie to be really stupid. Everyone seemed satisfied with this solution, and they charged Just Joe with that task. Just Joe started freaking out when Wulfie and Azkath started talking about Shoggoths, so Azkath played his Hugging Music to calm him down. Just Joe hugged everyone, and EVD duct taped Just Joe Dave and Shane (more on Shane in a second) together. in all the chaos that ensued there was a big man pile, and Dave did an unspeakable thing to Shane, involving Dave's butt landing on Shane in an area well let's just say that scarred Shane for life, especially when a certain gas issued forth from Dave. Shane had arrived saying that he had finally brought the proof he had been dispatched to obtain several weeks ago. He presented a large file of proof. However, although there was a lot of proof for a lot of things they had not asked him to look into, like The Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, Sasquatch, which was all very interesting and fascinating, but it was not what they had asked him to prove. For what they had sent him to prove, that EVD and Dave were the same person, well, on that he had brought nothing. Well, Shane is grown from Just Joe's severed hand, so, how bright could he really be. If Just Joe usually screws up anything he's tasked with how can we really expect much more from his hand. However, Azkath gave Shane another mission to try. To go get stilts, because, in a few weeks, they were going to send Just Joe out on stilts and get people's reactions. Shane said he could get stilts and ran off immediately to do so presumably. It was EVD's 5th anniversary on September 11th, which was the Saturday that ended as this LE began at midnight. Happy Anniversary, EVD! For his anniversary Azkath gave EVD lots of Styrofoam and let him beat on everyone with it. Just Joe took some of the broken Styrofoam and put it down his pants, and then started throwing it at people. There was more slapping this week. Shane was told to slap Just Joe 'til he cried. It only took about two or three to accomplish this. Well, Just Joe had had a pretty trying night, what with being held hostage, having the skin and hair being ripped off his whole head when they un-duct taped him, being traumatized with all the talk of shoggoths, and being beaten down with Styrofoam. Then Shane was told to slap EVD 'til he cried. That took a lot more, and needed several pokes in the eye to get something that could be called a tear. There was three segments of Movie Time, which EVD (who had actually seen something, and, could actually remember what it was), Tim, and Steve participated in as well.
-Fire Eater Wizard
Caldmor "Preludium"
Onszon Geschopt "Zodiac"
Cephalic Canage "Warbots AM"
Vektor "Dark Nebula"
Semargl "Credo Insanity (Intoxicated)"
Comback Kid "The Concept Stays"

Vindicator "Fear Monger"
The Contortionist "Contact"
Welicoruss "Blizard"

Aggressor "Crimson Mark"
Ayat "Fornication and Murder"
Emergency Gate "Alternative Dead End"

Jesus on Extasy "Nuclear Bitch"
Immanifest "Among the Dead"
Jorn "Sacred Heart"
Crowbar "To Build a Mountain" (R)

Moore "Blood Rage / Anymore"
Tub Ring "I Shot Your Faggot Horse Bitch"
Ana Kefr "The Takeover"

Rock Sugar "Don't Stop the Sandman"
Adversarial "All Idols Fall before the Hammer"
Pasadena Napalm Division "100 Beers with a Zombie"
ZUUL "Air Raid"

Angels Beneath Me - Track 1
Abigail Williams "Infernal Divide"
Spellcaster "Chainsaw Champion"
Hiroshima Vacation "I Hate Everyone"
Fallen Angels "Burning of Sodom"
Vains of Jenna "The Art of Telling Lies"

Vindicator "Pit of the Shoggoths / Strange Aeons"
Pantera "The Will tO Survive"
Doro "On the Run"
Lordi "This is Heavy Metal"
Sickhoose "TAF"

One-Eyed Doll "Hoochi Mamma"
Shadowgarden "The Withering of Mine"
Mercyful Fate "Nuns have no Fun - Live"
Death Angel "3rd Floor - Live"

Pantera "Proud to be Loud"
Steve Goodie "We Shall Burn a Book for Jesus"
CPX "It's My Time Now"
Revenant Dead "Vertigo"
BXI "We are Witches"

Heretic "Blood will Tell"
Malice "Rockin' with You"
Samson "Turn Out the Lights"
SA Slayer "Final Holocaust"
Fast "Black Leather Jacket"
Hexx "Fear No Evil"

Vindicator "The Antique Witcheries"
Moore "Guillotines and Angel Wings"
Death Angel "Death of the Meek"
Welicoruss "To Far worlds"
These are They "Behind the Door"

All Out War "Defiance through Fear"
Juggernaut "Without Warning"
Malevolent Creation "Conflict Finalized"
Slang "World of Lunacy"
Melvins "Inhumanity and Death"
Wretched "In the Marrow"
Worm Quartet "Short Bus Suite"

Sons of Liberty "We the People"

The Movie