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October 3, 2010 - Wicked Ithaca Aftermath

MontageIn the first portion of the program there were a ton of people there. Three bands, Pandora's Toybox, The Lobster Quadrille, and Psyche Corporation, all of whom had performed at Wicked Ithaca prior to being on LE, Gorgar, Little Gorgar, Adam, The Enforcer, Dave, and, Rick, Wulfie, and Wulfie's brother BILL!, the last three from The Metallic Onslaught. The bands were interviewed, first Pandora's Toybox, and then The Lobster Quadrille, both of which were first timers here, and they only were able to stay for the first couple of hours. Both bands's music was played, a couple of tracks each. They rock. Morte has another band called Sorrowseed, which can be found at A song of whose was also played, which also rocked. Psyche Corporation, which is Psyche Chimère, who has been on LE many times, was there for the whole program. Her music was played as well, is her website. She is cool. After the first two mentioned bands had departed, they sent Just Joe, all covered in Saran Rap in his attempt to make himself look invisible, out to have Wulfie, in his wolf mask, chase him through town. BILL! went with them, and streamed it on his Android phone to the LE website so the listeners could view it live. Someone accused Just Joe of being on pot, and someone else kept asking him for pot, with a cop right nearby, a sample of the brilliant humanity out there. They recounted there adventures when they returned. Tribute to the Past Russian Roulette was played. There are now ten thousand nine hundred eighty nine songs on the computer. If a bullet played, Rick, Wulfie, and BILL!, would each get to break a record over Just Joe's head. If no bullet, Just Joe would get to break a record over Rick's, Wulfie's, and BILL!'s heads. A bullet, the band XYZ. Just Joe got records broken over his head by Rick, Wulfie, BILL!, and Azkath smashed one over Wulfie's head for saying a bad word on the air on accident. Just Joe was knocked out for a bit, but he soon recovered. They decided to hypnotize Wulfie and send him into the future, to a week after the end of the world, to December 30th, 2012, to see if he saw the same thing Just Joe had seen when they did that to him a long time ago. Just Joe had seen, he said, bunnies, lots and lots of bunnies, the land was covered with them, but there was something different about the bunnies, they were frightening, and Just Joe still gets traumatized when it's mentioned to him, especially when they tell him they were probably shoggoths. Wulfie was sent to the future, and they asked him to tell them what he saw. He did see the bunnies, and shoggoths, he said the shoggoths were eating the bunnies. Then he said that, upon closer inspection, there was something wrong about those bunnies. Yes, there was something very not alright about them, he said it was bad, very bad, so bad in fact, that he couldn't say it, so, it was unspeakable. He was brought back. But, before Azkath brought him out of the hypnotic state, he told him that, although he would not remember hearing this, now, every time he heard the word metal, he would be allergic to wolves. And, when Wulfie was out of his trance, they started saying the word metal a lot, using it to describe a lot of the songs they were playing, as in "this is very metal", or "this isn't nearly as metal as I thought it would be". And, indeed, every time they uttered the word metal, Wulfie would start sneezing a lot. So, since Wulfie calls himself The Metal Wulf, now he won't be able to say or hear his name without violently sneezing, and he won't have any idea why, unless he reads this, of course, or listens to LE again. There started to be an Adventures In Listening, but the first song up was SOOOOO bad, sounding almost like a country song, not a metal (sorry Wulfie) song at all, that it actually was the first song ever to break the rule of Adventures In Listening, that, no matter how much it sucked, it would be let play all the way through, but no one could bear to hear this one all the way through, so, for the first time ever in this segment, the song, and the segment, was halted. There was two segments of Movie time, with Wulfie, Rick, BILL! , and Psyche Chimère participating. Rick, Wulfie,BILL!, and Psyche Chimère stayed for the whole program, though BILL! fell asleep about halfway through the night... 
-Fire Eater Wizard
Vindicator "Vindicator"
Bonded by Blood "Blood Spilled Offerings / Exiled to Earth"
Cephalic Carnage "Dimensional Modulation Transmography"
Revenant Dead "Severance"

Pandora's Toybox "Jerking Off this Mortal Coil"
Atrocity (featuring Yasmin) "Black Mountain"
Sons of Liberty "Don't Tread on Me"
Check Engine "Filter"

The Lobster Quadrille "The Whore of Babylon - Live"
Tub Ring "Feed the Rapture"
The Contortionist "Expire"
Mose Giganticus "Commander / Legacy - Live"

The Lobster Quadrille "The Slayer of the Lord of Death"
One-Eyed Doll "Overdose"
The Commander-in-Chief "Paranoid"
Unearthly Trance "The Tesla Effect"
God Size Hate "Desperate Days"
Pandora's Toybox "Evil... and Other Pastimes"

Sorrowseed "Eldritch Hunger"
Doomsday Mourning "Seeds of Doubt"
Powerglove "The Flintstones"
Static People "Save the Worst"

Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"
Iron Thrones " Ever Flowing"
Vanna "Sending Vessels"
Bring me the Horizon "It Never Ends"

Blackshine "Blow My Mind"
Kreator "Replicas of Life"
Model Sons "Yeah"
Obituary "Cause of Death"
XYZ "The Sun Also Rises in Hell"

Powerglove "Gotta Catch Em All"
Painkiller Hotel "Afterglow"

Amon Amarth "Children of the Grave"
Shotgun Messiah "Rain"
Panzie "Rock and Roll Hammer"
Deathloch "No More words"
Enslaved "Waruun"

Pus "Bouncing Scotums"
Worm Quartet "The Laundromat of Sin"
Baldbox "Mixed Messages"
Cirque Du So What "The Bible, an Audio Book"
Dimmu Borgir "Gateways"
Rabbit Junk "In Your Head No One can Hear You Scream"
Vindicator "Pit of the Shoggoths / Strange Aeons"

Worm Quartet "Bunny Bunny Wop Wop'

Pretty Maids "Future World"
Welicoruss "Slavi Rusi (feat Silenzium) / Slavonic Power"
Ayat "The Fine Art of Arrogance - Part One (The Icon and the Cattle)"
Hiroshima Vacation "Bashin' Emo Kids"

Flotsam and Jetsam "The Cold"
The Sorrow "Raising the Devil"
Voluspaa "Ei Folkevise"
Sickhoose "TIA"
D.O.M. "Justify"

Monster Magnet "The Titan Who Cried Like a Baby"
Abigail Williams "An Echo in our Legends"
Alexis "Birds of Prey"
Forbidden "Forbidden Evil"

Vindicator "Gore Orphanage"

The Movie