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November 21, 2010 - Cult of Saints

The band Cult Of Saints was there. They brought three brand new songs with them. Or, maybe two, depending on how you want to count it, as one of them was two songs in one, and was thirteen minutes long. All of their new songs, as well as all six of their older songs, were played. They are cool. They were there for most of the night, 'til about four thirty. They were interviewed, told us about their band, and talked about a lot of topics, and told some interesting stories. Just Joe's 7th anniversary at LE was Tuesday, November 23rd, two days after this LE, so this show was a celebration of that. Happy 7th Anniversary, Just Joe! Just Joe, however, was absent for his Anniversary show, no one knew where he was. But clips from his first time on LE, and of some of his early appearances, were played from Best Of The Last Exit For The Lost CD's. Dave, who actually was there for once, went to go look for Just Joe. He didn't come back, with or without Just Joe. Maybe Just Joe was afraid to be there, afraid of whatever horrible things that might be done to him to celebrate his special day. Or maybe it's the band he's afraid of, since, the only other time they were there, Just Joe was also not. Near the end of the night, Azkath said there was a phone call that he couldn't hear well, and it was mumbled and garbled, but he thought that whoever it was said something about Just Joe, although he couldn't be sure. So perhaps that call had something to do with why Just Joe was absent for his anniversary show, where he was, or, perhaps not. I guess we shall hear next week... The last hour of the program was kind of a Tribute To The Past, all old music, with no talk breaks. And thus went Just Joe's 7th anniversary show, minus Just Joe.
-Fire Eater Wizard

Fields of the Nephilim "Endemoniada"
Enthroned "Rion Riorrim"
Mongrel "Shut Up Get Dead"
D.O.M. "Love"

Riunation "Republika Amerika"
Kylesa "Cheating Synergy"
Atheist "Tortoise the Titan"
Atrocty (Feat. Yasmin) "The Otherworld"

Razorwyre "Battleshark"
Notekillers "Narrator"
The Lobster Quadrille "Weary - Live"
Grave Digger "Rebels"
The Secret "Dead Alive"
Cult of Saints "Get Me Off (My Own Planet)"
Broughton's Rules "Ghost Heavy Days"
Panzerbastard "Apocalypse Requiem"
Ironwood "Artic Tern"
Korova "We Did It Our Way"

Cult of Saints "A Darkening Sky"
Dio "Don't Talk to Strangers"
Triptykon "Circle of the Tyrants"
Jesus on Extasy "Embrace the World"
System Divide "The COnscious Sedation"

Cult of Saints "The Forgotten"
Psyche Corporation "Pound of Flesh"
Lair of Golgotha "Remembering the Ancient Wars"
Carach Angren "Bloodstains on the Captain's Log"
Kobi LaCroix "We are the Vikings"

Cult of Saints "Long Shadows at Twilight"
Titan "Highlands of Orick"
Vex "Thanatos"
Nadiwrath "Horns"
Sudden Death "CGI"

Cult of Saints "Khatam"
The Lobster Quadrille "I'm on Fire (?) - Live"
Beltane "Eilean Mor"
Lux Carentes "Atom"
Earth "Divine and Bright"

Cult of Saints "Moonsong"
Psycho "Animal"
Citizen Useless "Try Not to Scream"
The Dehumanizers "Planet of the Apes"
High Spirits "Let's Rock"
Nox Aurea "My Voyage Through Galactic Aeons"
Haarp "The Fall, The Rise"
Millbastards "Bunny Boiler - Live"

Cult of Saints "The Veil / Behind the Door"
A Day to Remember "You be Tails, I'll Be Sonic"
As They Sleep "Bedlam at the Nile"
OFF! "Panic Attack"

Ticket to Hell "Metallic Overdose"
United Nations "Communication Letdown"

Accept "Princess of the Dawn"
God's Tower "Rising Arrows"
Dead Horse "Peaceful Death"
Reverend "Ritual"
Sabbat "The Best of Enemies"
Sacred Reich "Death Squad"
Sacrifice "Re-Animation"
Testament "C.O.T.L.O.D."
The Coup De Grace "Burning with Optimism"
Galactic Cowboys "Pump Up the Space Suit / Ranch on Mars Reprise / Speak to Me"