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2015 Archive

March 22, 2015 - Another Eric... and Tribute to A.J. Perro

Undead Messengers and EVDPresent were, EVD, Just Joe, Eric, and, Tim, Olivia, and, Darryl, from the band Undead Messengers. They had a surprise for Eric... As he has left so much of his DNA all over the studio, you don't even wanna know the ways in which he's done that(!), they took some of it and made him a clone. His clone was really shy, and was in another room, they suggested he go and meet himself there, while they watched on the monitor. So they did... First the two Erics were head butting and fighting, then they were making out. And then, Eric dragged his clone into the booth, and they appeared to be getting it on. It was quite disturbing, but not nearly as disturbing as what was to come. When Eric came back, alone, they asked him what had happened with his clone? But Eric wasn't talking. Azkath told Just Joe to go look in the booth. Just Joe didn't want to. Nobody wanted to. So they played Russian Roulette. If a bullet played, Just Joe would have to go. If no bullet, Olivia would have to. Bullet. Just Joe went, and they watched him on the monitor. He looked at whatever was in there, then backed away very slowly, he didn't look too good. When he got back, they asked him what he had seen? But Just Joe would only whimper and cower, he was stupid enough to bring that watch that tracks his vitals back again, and they noticed that his pulse was at two hundred. He looked terrible, and there was something red that looked a lot like blood on his head. They couldn't get anything out of him on what he had seen. Azkath tried to get EVD to go look, but he wouldn't, so Azkath finally decided to go. When he got back, he also was quite disturbed... Eric had killed his clone, and also had sex with every part of him, inside and out, it appeared. Azkath said there seemed to be more parts than there should be. Azkath said he didn't feel too well, and didn't want to talk about this anymore. They wondered who was going to clean that unspeakable abomination up. They tricked Just Joe into going back there twice, first by telling him there was candy there, candy he would like, not jellybeans, and then by telling him there were video games, and an Intellivision II there. Just Joe fell for both, because he isn't very bright, but he came running back both times, without cleaning it up. Azkath told Eric he should be the one to clean himself up. Eric said that he would be happy to clean himself up. And he did, amazingly well, too, the booth was perfect when he got through. You try to do something nice for some people! Go through the trouble to make them a nice clone, and what do they do!? But, then again, would we really want two Erics!? One is quite enough, thank you! I mean, sure, this clone was really shy, but I'm sure Eric's bad influence would have rubbed off on him, literally and figuratively, and soon he would be just as disturbing, if not more so, if that's possible, which I'm sure it is, as the original! I mean, look at our luck with clones, Jeffie and Randy! Need I say more!? I think not! So we were probably lucky... Two people died this past week with significance to this program... And they both had a Pero in their name, so it wasn't a good week for that name. The wrestler from AAA, in Mexico, Perro Aguayo Jr., and A.J. Pero, of the band Twisted Sister, both of these were talked about, and Twisted Sister's music, as well as music from A.J.'s side project band, was played throughout the night in tribute to him. There were segments of Movie Time, and it was also discussed how all the upcoming movies are either sequels or remakes, or bringing such things back as Fraggle Rock, Peanuts, and, Gem, because Hollywood has absolutely no new, original, or creative ideas. The last hour was The Old School Hour, where more of Twisted Sister's music was played in honor of A.J. Pero...   - Recap by Fire Eater Wizard


March 15, 2015 - Old Friends and New Friends...

IMG 7353

This show actually marked one year that we have been in our new studio. Doesn't seem like it's been that long already. Anyways, we were supposed to have The Pushrods live on this show, but only Dano Voodie, their bass player, showed up. Great seeing Dano again, though, it's been years since he has been in studio. Dano is also in Recycled Zombies, and a few other bands. Previously he's played for Others and Punch Drunk Monkeys with Crappy the Clown, who was also present this night, in his alter ego, Mr. Linda. Jimmy Evans of Hollow Bodies also came up with Dano, and we got to hear some fun stories from both. Olivia and Tim of Undead Messengers were with us, and EVD. Quite the fun night. Also aired the Karyn Crisis interview that I conducted a few days before. It was long, so I broke it into 2 parts. It is also available in one piece without music in the interview section. Besides that we played lots of good music, new and old, and a exclusive old school set at the end for internet listeners (The show started really late this night due to Where Did the Road Go? running way over). Also, a couple songs got repeated, too much going on and some techincal issues. This wasn't noticed till after the fact. Ah well.

- Seriah


March 8, 2015 - Testing Just Joe's Fear... and New Watch

Last Exit Crew

This was the night that we go on Daylight Savings Time, so, at 2:00 A.M., we spring ahead one hour, and it becomes 3:00, so it was a five hour LE (although for the internet, an extra hour was added in at the end). This night is when we always have our Glam Hour, in the hour from 2:00 A.m. to 3:00 A.M., which Just Joe always gets really excited for every year, because he has no memory, and isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier either, so he always forgets every year that, of course, there is no 2:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. on this night, and this year was no exception, he was all excited. Present were, Just Joe, as I just said, EVD, Tim, and, Gumpty Hump, another one of Crappy The Clown's alter egos. Azkath told Just Joe, that he wasn't going to do The Tribute To Glam this year. Just Joe was extremely disappointed. Azkath told him he had a deal for him, they would let Russian Roulette decide, if a bullet played, Just Joe would get his hour of glam, and he would even play Europe's "The Final Count Down", which he has banned from this program forever, if no bullet, then... Just Joe was wearing a watch that measured his vital signs, told his pulse and such as one of it's features, and he was dumb enough to let Azkath know that. Azkath told Just Joe, that if no bullet played, he had a special room for him that he would have to spend time in, they were going to test out the watches feature. No bullet, which Just Joe, Tim, and I were all very disappointed by. So Just Joe was locked in a very tiny room, and, after a while, he noticed a spider. Azkath told him that there were at least thirty of them in there. Just Joe began whimpering, and wanted to get out, but, of course, the door was locked. They asked him what his pulse rate was? It got up to 110 by the time they let him out, which isn't really all that high, for someone who is supposed to be as terrified of spiders as Just Joe is. Tim was stupid enough to say that he was also afraid of spiders, so, of course, they sent him to let Just Joe out, and, of course, told Just Joe to throw him in there and lock him in. Tim was also heard whimpering, but he wasn't wearing a watch with that feature, so we had no way to measure his pulse. Eventually he was let out, but both he and Just Joe had spiders on them, Tim said he was going to go get in the shower and wash them off. Just Joe joined him, and they washed the spiders off each other, and I don't wanna know anything else that they might have been doing in the shower together, but, oddly enough, Just Joe's pulse was a lot higher when they came out of there than it had been when he was trapped with the spiders. He said that it was because he had been so happy seeing all the spiders go swirling down the drain... I'm sure that's why his pulse rate was so high. And, just for the record, what's with all these wimps and spiders?! I like spiders. Azkath wondered if maybe Just Joe's body was becoming immune to spiders. He found some jellybeans, for some reason, Just Joe is also afraid of jellybeans, who's afraid of jellybeans!? Only Just Joe. But that didn't really cause that much of a rise in Just Joe's pulse rate either. But Azkath finally found something that did... He reminded him of all The No Pants Days, when Randy was in a mankini, or was the world's ugliest woman, who had the terrible taste in men to have the hots for Just Joe, and was all over him, stuff like that. That did it! Just Joe started blubbering and his pulse rate shot up to one fifty six. Azkath kept reminding him of all the hideous things Randy's done on No Pants Day, and Azkath reminded Just Joe that we are only a couple months away from No Pants Day, and told him that Randy says he is going to raise the bar even higher this year, just think of what that could mean! All the horrible possibilities! Just Joe was already quite severely traumatized. Um, Just Joe, a bit of friendly advice, in future you might want to consider leaving that watch at home, or you will be subjected to more tests to see what will raise your pulse rate, just a thought. Azkath brought up the topic of re watching the first "Indiana Jones" movie and comparing it to the new one, and that how that, if the first one were made today, it wouldn't be the huge hit that it was back in 1981, because of the huge role the Internet plays in judging and critiquing movies now. There were segments of Movie Time. Tim told us about a concert he had attended earlier in the night, which was why he was later than he usually is. The last hour was The Old School Hour...  - Fire Eater Wizard


March 1, 2015 - Tribute to Todd Wirschem and Leonard Nimoy

IMAG0087ToddThis show was dedicated to the memory of Todd Wirschem, otherwise known as That Tod Guy or Tod Schmod. Todd was a talented musician, heading the band Big Hair back in the 90's. He also played with Grimskunk, Girdle (with Bill from Mastodon and Erik Burke), Brain Tree, and Ludivco Treatment, to name just a few. I've always found the Rochester music scene to be so full of talent, and Todd was definitely a part of that impression. Back in the day he had his own label called Pokin Records. We play a bunch of Big Hair material in this week's show, as well as some Girdle. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks go out to Spoth for sending along some of it. Todd died from natural causes on February 20, 2015. He was 44.

I will be adding some Big Hair material to The Old School Reclamation Project soon. I have also linked here a video of Big Hair, from someone else's YouTube. Decent for the time, but the vocals are hard to hear. 

color nimoy headshotWe also commemorate the passing of Leonard Nimoy, who died on February 27, 2015 at the age of 83. Through the years we have often had fun playing some of his and Shatner's music, including tormenting Zoltan the Avenger with it ages ago. We play a few of those fun songs this night in memory of a great actor. Besides Star Trek, I always loved him in In Search of... and Fringe...

In studio we were joined this week by EVD, Eric of Ire Clad, Rob of Thirteen South, Mr. Linda (who we strongly suspect is in some way related to Crappy the Clown), and Tim Binder. We discuss movies, some documentaries, Net Neutrality, the new Odd Couple, that dress, and stupid politicians. Lots of new music to play, and of course the traditional Old School Hour at the end.


February 22, 2015 - Just Another Night...

UMEVDSo we had a pretty full house this night, with EVD, Tim, Daryl, and Olivia from Undead Messengers, Eric, Tim Binder, and a surprise return from Adam and Nikki. There was plenty of discussion of movies, the new Nightwish song, video games, and much more, plus we had to silence Eric numerous times. Plus tons of new music, and the traditional Old-School Hour.


Visigoth "Mammoth Riders"
Dr. Living Dead "Civilized to Death"
Beyond Fallen "Concrete Lucifer"
Ire Clad "Brothers in Arms"
Stever "Scatterbrain"
Lanfear "The Reverend"
Sign of the Jackal "Trick or Treat"

February 15, 2015 - A Quiet Night, Full of Music

Last ExitPresent was, EVD. Topics were discussed throughout the night like, the fact that they have calculated how big of a battery it would take to run the electricity in a house for a week, Wrestling, a strange case of the bizarre, creepy death of a young woman, and if the government does have any files on UFO's, if it might or might not be about aliens. There was a lot of new cool music this week, including many female fronted bands, and lots of music from other countries. The last hour was The Old School Hour...  -Fire Eater Wizard


February 8, 2015 - Code 10-56 Live in Studio

2015 02 08 LE Code 10 56

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, Just Joe, EVD, and, Tim. The band Code 10-56 was there for about the first half of the program. They were formerly known as Nuckin' Futs, but had to change that because it was already taken, which is a shame, because I liked that name. Code 10-56 stands for the the New York City police department's code for drunkenness and assisted suicide. Funny, I wonder what those two things have in common so much that they would have the same code? They played a lot of their songs, about seven, live from The WVBR Performance Room. It sounded great. They are a Crust Punk band, you can find them on facebook. They were interviewed and one of their studio tracks was played. R.J., the vocalist from the band Thirteen South, stopped by and stayed for the second half of the program. He told us what his band has been up to. There were segments of Movie Time, and a TV Show was discussed also. And EVD told us more about his video game he's been playing, in it he is a female character who is now in a lesbian relationship. Tim talked about his having attended House Guitars on Saturday, where he got to meet with Joey Belladonna, of the band Anthrax, who now has a cover band. The last hour was The Old School Hour...


Mercyful Fate "Evil (BBC Radio 1 Session)
Yesterday's Saints "Sands of Nod"
Philm "Fire from the Evening Sun"
An Autumn for Crippled Children "When Night Leaves Again"
Cyrax "Cockroach"
Revenge "At the Gates of Hell"
Ashes in Vein "Until the End of Time"

February 1, 2015 - Just Another Night with a Clown

IMG 7134

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;

Present were, EVD, Tim, And, Crappy The Clown. Crappy's music was played, a solo song of his, and a Punch Drunk Monkeys's song that he does the vocals on. You can find Crappy at, and he is also on bandcamp. Topics were discussed like the death of the founder of "Metal Maniacs" Magazine. There were several segments of Movie Time, and EVD talked more about the video game he's been playing. The last hour was The Old School Hour...


Leatherwolf "Alone in the Night"
Wrath "When Worlds Collide"
Wasted Youth "The Gift of Death"

Slamdown "Hell or High Water"
Scanner "Nevermore"
Venom "Stigmata Satanas"
One-Eyed Doll "The Ghosts of Gallows Hill"


January 25, 2015 - Peaches and Crime and Dying Broke

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The first about hour and twenty minutes of the program were prerecorded. Present were, EVD, and parts of two bands. One, Peaches and Crime, which is not metal, but kind of like a Vaudeville thing, but very dark, and very cool. Angela (formerly of If Man is Five) and her husband were there, along with 'The Professor". The other band, or half of it, featured Ron, formerly of The Pushrods. His new band is Dying Broke. Three songs of Peaches And Crime's were played. Though they are not what we normally play, it's a very cool band, is their web site, and they are also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Dying Broke is a cover band, and we had nothing of theirs's we could play, but they told us all about the band. Ron got smacked around a couple times because he said bad things on the air. There were several segments of Movie Time, with some TV programs, and wrestling discussed as well. Azkath read some words of wisdom sent to him by The Almighty Monkey. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

2014 01 25 LE


The Atlas Moth "The Sea Beyond"
Septicflesh "War in Heaven"
Portrait "Black Easter"
Albez Duz "Feathered Snake"
Eluveitie "Sucellos"

January 18, 2015 - Wulfie's Birthday Show

2014 01 18 LEMO Randys Birthday

Listen to the Show


Craft of Unknown Origin "Chasing the Trickster"
Napalm Death "Metaphorically Screw You"
Aethyr "The Gnostic Mass"
Caelestia "Malleus Maleficarum "The Secret Cult""
One-Eyed Doll "Black in the Rye"
Divahar "Call of the Fire"
Acherontas "Ma IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)"
Ne Obliviscaris "Pyrrhic"
Lich King "Hot for Teacher"
Undead Messengers "Never Fall - Live"
The Passion of Our Souls "Everything"
The Agonist "Faceless Messenger"
Iron Lamb "Backstabber"
One-Way Mirror "Neglected Skies"
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