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October 17, 2010 - Just Another Night...

EVD was there for most of the night, and Dustin, from the band Thirteen South, was there for about half of it. Tribute to the Past Russian Roulette was played. If no bullet played, Just Joe would get a prize. If a bullet played, no prize for Just Joe. A bullet, Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Think Coming", plus two covers, which also equals a bullet, so no prize for Just Joe. There were three segments of Movie Time, Dustin participated in one of them, and EVD sort of contributed, he talked about a YouTube clip involving Jack Black. There were two segments of Adventures In Listening, and one pseudo Adventures In Listening, where Azkath had some idea of what some of the music might be like, but hadn't listened to it that closely. There was a segment of Anomaly Corner...
-Fire Eater Wizard

Dyonisis "We Are... / Of the Fear"
Ill Nino "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"
Anti-Bodies "Fuck You"
Malevolent Creation "Invidious Dominion"

Pasadena Napalm Division "Spell It Out"
Avenged Sevenfold "Nightmare" (R)
Resistant Culture "Warning Civilization Ahead"
22nd Century "509"
Mose Giganticus "Commander!"
Dimmu Borgir "Chess with the Abyss"
Hail of Bullets "Tokyo Napalm Holocaust"
Melechesh "Defeating the Giants"
Therion "2012"
Others "She Keeps Coming Back"

Thirteen South "Remnants"
Athorn "Angel of the Fall"
Forbidden "Dragging My Casket"
Vindicator "Thrash and Destroy"
Neverland "Places Unknown"

Stolen Babies "Tablescrap"
All that Remains "Chiron" (R)
Megadeth "In My Darkest Hour" (R)
Motorhead "Killed by Death" (R)
Venom "Women, Leather, and Hell" (R)
Butthole Surfers "The Annoying Song" (R)

Cult of Saints "Khatam"
The Dehumanizers "Renegade Smurf"
Ozzy Osbourne "One More Time" (R)
Revilers "Road Rage"
Bad Brains "Re-Ignition - Live" (R)

Venom "Women, Leather, and Hell" (R)
Nephath "War Ensemble"
Hexx "Under the Spell"
Iced Earth "Number of the Beast"
Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Comin'"

Circle of Animals "All Spirit / No Mind"
The Lobster Quadrille "The Whore of Babylon - Live"
Cult of Saints "The Forgotten"
Citizen Useless "Day of the Dead"
Creation's End "World Holocaust"

David Rock Feinstein "Metal Will Never Die"
Faith No More "As the Worm Turns" (R)
Corrosion of Conformity "Red Nekkk" (R)
Static People "Carrier"
Baptized in Blood "Last Line Lady"

Dyonisis "Eve's Song"
TV's Kyle "Spookier than You"
Ross the Boss "Hailstorm"
Bella Morte "Can't Let This Die"
Halford "Fire and Ice"
Daath "The Worthless"

Kickhunter "Revolution"
The Rain Within "Into the Far"
Triosphere "Driven"
Tesseract "Deception"
Sargeist "Let the Devil In"

Borgne "Die Trying to Take Off the Rope"
Katra "If There's No Tomorrow"
Fortesse "Par Hauts Nois et Vastes Plaines"
Symphorce "Whatever Hurts"
Toture Division "Whatever Hurts"

Deicide "Sacrifical Suicide" (R)
Triptykon "Shatter"
The Sequence of Prime "Dandelions in Spring"
Neige Et Noirceur "Ancient Folklore Quebecois"
Korzus "2012"

Slimy Cunts and the Fistfucks "I Don't Belong"
Rampant Decay "Apocalyterian"
D.O.M. "Semiconscious"
Arson Anthem "Death of an Idiot"
Pasadena Napalm Division "Speaking in Tongues"
Powerglove "The Flintstones"
Monster Magnet "Perish in Fire"

Dyonisis "Lunatic"