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January 26, 2014 - Tim comes out on Top!

Present were, Just Joe, and, Tim. As Tim was about to leave, Just Joe was going to DDT him onto a thing, a jagged thing, I can't get any more specific than that, because they didn't, so if you want this to make more sense, yell at them. As Azkath and Just Joe were discussing how best to do that to Tim, Azkath decided to test it out using Just Joe. After he was through doing that, Just Joe was in no condition to do anything to Tim, and asked Tim to DDT himself onto the thing, which, for some reason, Tim never got around to doing, he just left. Topics were discussed like, a "Coast To Coast A.M." episode, and how most people seem to have forgotten what science really means, claiming something is scientific, proved by science, when it really isn't, it may be logical, or make sense, but it hasn't been subjected to the scientific method. There were four segments of Movie Time. The last hour was the Old School Hour...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Barishi "Sky Burial / Holy Mountain"
Mustasch "Borderline"
Until Dawn "A Conjurer of Cheap Trips"

Monster Magnet "Mindless Ones"
Skull Fist "Bad for Good"
Meka Nism "Tyranny Reigns"
The Hong Kong Sleepover "Boomstick"

Anal Blasphemy "Licking the Cunt of Chaos"
Black Vul Destruktor "Holocaust in Paradise"
Bleeding Fist "Tweens of Darkness and Evil"
Darkya Black "Eyes Wide Shut"
Eva Polgar and Sandor Valy "The Fight of Gilgamesh and Enkidu"

Van Canto "The Final Countdown"
Esoterica "A Slave's Ablution"
Kult of Taurus "The Light that Divides the Earth"
Occult 45 "Entrails of a Beautiful Woman"
Vornth "Metal Skies"

Iced Earth "Cthulhu"
Kekal "Token Discontentment"
Armageddon "Relentless War"
Fortess of Attitude "It's Fucking Cold Outside"
Incursus "Adaestou II"

Throwdown "Fight or Die"
Drudkh "W Krainie Drzew"
Murmur "Water from Water"
Scent of Remains "Exhale, Oblivion"
Turbo "The War Machine"

The Lawrence Arms "Acheron River"
Dino-Mike "Fight the System"
Cochise "Destroy the Angels"
Cynic "The Lion's Roar"
Grand Magus "Steel Versus Steel"

Life of Agony "Weeds" (R)
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Big Robot Dinosaur"
Orcultus "Unus"
Nuclear Bubble Wrap "So Many Fwends"
Psyche Corporation "Lock"

Andrenaline Mob "Mob is Back"
Armageddon Dildos "The Constant Beat"
The Haunted "Eye of the Storm"
Freakangel "The Book of Violence"
Steve Goodie "Steve Ruins a Lovely Jason Mraz Song"

Chastain "Freedom Within"
Trollfest "Illsint"
Mikey Mason "Clean Break - Live"
I Killed the Prom Queen "To the Wolves"
Skindred "Kill the Power"

Intervals "Ephemeral"
Drew Jacobs "If 50's the New 30"
Against Me! "Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ"
Ethersens "Same Goodbye"

** Old School Hour **
Septic Flesh "The Eldest Cosmonaut"
Pettypew "Immortal"
Quick Fever "World of Fools"
Juggernaut "Slow Death"

Lazarus "Edge of Forever"
Oxymor "Dialogue de Sourds"
Reverend "Far Away"
Helloween "Judas"

Bad Religion "Stranger than Fiction"
Adam Bomb "I Want My Heavy Metal"
Albert Christmas Squirrel "Monkey Salad"
Faith No More "Chinese Arithmetic"

Leatherwolf "Take a Chance"
Faith and the Muse "In Dreams of Mine"