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February 16, 2014 - Crappy sings us a Song

Present were, Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, Tim, and, Crappy The Clown. Crappy sang a song on a guitar, a cover of "Dang Me", with a lot of added verses, that never would have been played on radio. There were segments of Movie Time. And, on this night, instead of the last hour being The Old School Hour, like it usually is, this time the last two hours were all old school music...

-Fire Eater Wizard

Nocturnus "The Key"
Oxymor "Sueur (Sweat)"
Mount Salem "The Tower"
Cannibal Corpse "Shredded Humans"

Noire "Shadows Rise"
Woccon "Giving Up the Ghost"
Azoria "Prophecy"
PrimalFrost "An End to Tyranny"
Steve Goodie "The Btay Bieber"

White Empress "Erased and Rewritten"
Monsterworks "The Bridge"
Blitzkrieg Baby "Those They Could Not Fuck, They Kill"
Dinner Music for the Gods "Sofia"
Hammercult "Metal Rules Tonight"

One Eyed Doll "Crush"
Sheavy "Visions"
Vandan Plas "Vision 2wo - The Black Knight"
The Socks "Some Kind of Sorcery"
Battle Beast "Rain Man"

Hatriot "Dawn of the New Centurion"
Carnifex "Hatred and Slaughter"
Agiel "The Awakening"
Ideamen "Off is a Crime"
Inward "My Rotting Remains"

Behemoth "Furor Divinus"
Kirk "Nothing Else But Lies"
Subrosa "Attack of the Golden Mountain"
Our Flaws Remain "Humanside"
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "House of Clocks"

Nashville Pussy "Up the Dosage"
Septicflesh "Temple of the Lost Race"
Arch Enemy "The First Deadly Sin"
Skindred "World's on Fire"
Millbastards "Mr. Hands"

Oxymor "Eus Lourde (Heavy Water)"
Kayser "Dreams Bent Clockwise"
King Diamond "Sleepless Nights"
Life Sex Death "Fuckin' Shit Ass"

Insane Clown Posse "Great Milenko"
Shroud of Despondency "Untamed Energy"
The Hong Kong Sleepover "Taste the Chain"

Chrome Molly "Thanks for the Angst"
Cubanate "Body Burn"
Curve "Doppleganger"
Damn the Machine "I'd Love to Change the World"
Bent Peg "Industrial Skat"

At the Gates "Cold"
Asphyx "The Krusher"
Deathrow "Watching the World"
Agony Column "Way Back in the Woods"
Exodus "Faster Than You'll Ever Live to Be"

Exciter "Scream Bloody Murder"
Suicidal Tendencies "Feel Like Shit... Deja vu"
Evildead "Global Warming"
Holy Terror "No Ressurection"
Dokken "Dream Warriors"

Frigid Bitch "The Kids are Gonna Fight"
Bonfire "Staring Eyes"
Hellion "Nightmares in Daylight"
Hanoi Rocks "Up Around the Bend"
Blind Vengeance "Gravemaker"

In Flames "Artifacts of the Black Rain"
Bang Tango "Someone Like You - Live"
Dangerous Toys "Scared - Live"
Killer Dwarfs "Heavy Metal Breakdown"
Dirty Looks "Get Off"

Lizzy Borden "Me Against the World"
Black Flag "Rise Above"
King Kobra "Tear Down the Walls"
Exxplorer "Run for Tomorrow"
Dio "All the Fools Sailed Away"