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July 26, 2015 - Duct Tape and Barbed Wire for Nathan

Nathan, Crappy, EVDPresent were, EVD, Nathan, Tim, and, The Person Formerly Known As Crappy The Clown, or, as he was calling himself for most of the time this week (Crappy did put in an appearance), Bulk Hogan, in honor of all the trouble that Hulk Hogan is in now, being totally expunged from The WWE because of the release of a tape in which he goes on a racist rant. EVD said he was going to do an experiment on Tim, that he was going to modify his DNA. He said he had installed a button in his head, injected it with a chemical, and that when he pushed it, Tim would now have Turret's Syndrome. He wanted Tim to say lots of mean things to people there and get him in trouble. In that, he failed miserably. He somehow succeeded in making Tim even more nice than he already was, which was already extremely nice. I guess EVD should stick to hair styling. Nathan was in the performance room, and he was singing pop songs, sounding like he was using Auto Tune. EVD went up there and thoroughly duct taped him. Nathan came hopping down, and tried to charge EVD, but the poor young Bronie weighs like ninety pounds, and so it didn't do a thing to EVD, who only wrapped him even more completely in duct tape, and put him out on the porch and left him out there. Later, something was done that hadn't been for quite a while. Russian Roulette was played. EVD was told to pick whether he wanted bullet, or no bullet. First he said no bullet, then changed his mind and went with bullet. If a bullet played, then Azkath, on behalf of EVD, would body slam Nathan on to The Barbed Wire Board. If no bullet, then EVD would have to be really nice to Nathan, not insult him, compliment him, for a whole talk break. Bullet. So Nathan got body slammed on The Barbed Wire Board, and then kicked him while he was impaled on it, and smooshed him onto it further. There was a lot of screaming. But, after that, Nathan did get to play a set of music. 

- Fire Eater Wizard


Refused "Elektra"

High on Fire "The Sunless Years"
Paradise Lost "Punishment Through Time"
Anthrax "Bring the Noise"
Amorphis "Death of a King"
Atreyu "Long Live"
Cemetery Lust Night of the Creep"
VHS "There Shall be Nights of Terror"
Nechochwen "Lost on the Trail of the Setting Sun"
Leaves' Eyes "The Waking Eye"
Enforcer "Undying Evil"
Sabbath Assembly "Sharp Edge of the Earth"
Tengger Cavalry "Horseman"
Kadavar "Lord of the Sky"
I Mother Earth "Levitate"
Year of the Goat "Pillars of the South"
Sonick Plague "My Gun"
Meka Nism "Mouth of God"
NilExistence "Pitch Black Perception"
Iron Maiden "The Trooper"
Chant "Bring Me the Head of the Music Critic"

Megadeth "Forclosure of a Dream"
Great Luke Ski "Stealing Like a Hobbit"
InAeona "Bright Black"
Agent Fresco "Dark Water"
Clyde "13lbs of Hate"
Mutoid Man "Reptilian Soul"
One-Eyed Doll "Battle On!"
Wisdom in Chains "When We Were Young"
Visigoth "Necropolis"
Betray My Secrets "From the Goddess"
Primus "Jerry was a Race Car Driver"
Anthrax "Got the Time"
3rd Strike "Paranoid"
Absolution Project "Mad World"
The Agonist "Monochromatic Stains"
Krokus "Ballroom Blitz"
Lucid Nation "Fortunate Punk"
Ludichrist "Green Eggs and Ham"
Chaos Magic "From the Stars"
Misconducters "Pave the Way"
Sirenia "Seti / Serpent"
Evildead "Rise Above"
Defleshed "Curse the Gods"
Divinity Destroyed "Final Stand"
Skyclad "The Declaration of Indifference"
Helloween "Save Us"
Animals as Leaders "New Eden"
A is for Arson "Enfin Contenu"
Dream On, Dreamer "Come Home True Love"
Sienna Skies "Directions"
Emmure "We Were Just Kids"
Samson "Riding with the Angels"
Sabbat "Horned is the Hunter"
Saint Chaos "Come Back Strong"
Slayer "Piece by Piece"
Oz "Search Lights"
Piecemeal "With You There is Eden"
Hanoi Rocks "Intro / Obscured"
Killing Joke "Pandemonium"
Screaming Mad George "Stigmata Martyr"
Holy Terror "A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor"
Fates Warning "Nothing Left to Say"
Nathan Locked Out

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