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August 2, 2015 - Barbed Wire Chair for Nathan

LEPresent were, EVD, Eric, Tim, Nathan, and, Nathan brought a friend with him. Funny, I didn't know he had any friends, that weren't Bronies, that is. This friend was responsible for some of the song "Metal Sex", which Nathan had recorded and brought to us a couple weeks ago, saying it was for EVD, this friend played the guitar on that song. I guess Nathan is not only a Bronie, he is also a masochist Bronie, because, apparently, being thrown onto a barbed wire board last week wasn't enough for him, he said that, this week, he wanted to raise the stakes... So, Russian Roulette was played again... This time, if a bullet played, Nathan would have to sit on a barbed wire board, while Eric gave him a lap dance. And, if a comedy, or weird song played, then EVD would have to be really nice to Nathan, I.E., not insult him, compliment him, for the talk break while he was getting his lap dance. A definite comedy, and weird as well, song played, The Great Luke Ski's "The Chain Saw Juggler", that song fits both definitions. So, everyone went into The Performance Room, where once again, as it had been last week, Auto Tune was on, and the lap dance happened, and EVD being nice to Nathan happened, more on that in a second. Now, the Auto Tune had an unanticipated effect, it corrected everyone's voice to the same pitch, which made everyone sound exactly the same, and nothing like they normally sound, much deeper, so that, unless you were seeing it, you would have no idea who was saying what, well, you could tell which one Nathan was, he was the one doing all of the screaming and moaning (which sounded really weird, given what I've just said about how everyone sounded), wait, that just sounds wrong, especially given that he was receiving a lap dance, from Eric(!), at the time, I'm pretty sure that those were screams and moans of agony, not pleasure, although it is Bronie Nathan, so you never know, and you could tell which one was EVD, because he was the one saying nice things to Nathan, although that mostly consisted of stuff like, "I'm really glad you're having such a good time, Nathan", and, " I'm really glad you're so happy, Nathan", which, for EVD, was I guess about the best he could manage. When everyone was out of that room, and away from the Auto Tune, Tim told us what had happened... Eric started giving Nathan the lap dance, then Tim thought he could do it better, so he joined in for a bit, he was more front to front on Nathan, whereas Eric was more back to front. Then Eric had an injury, and stopped for a bit. And then EVD duct taped (you could hear the duct tape from that room as well, and, since EVD is the one who is always using that, one could guess that he was the one using it on someone) Nathan to the chair, and, once again, like last week, dragged him out onto the porch that way and left him there, but this time, luckily for Nathan, a passerby, wow, that person must have really been perplexed by what they were seeing(!), took pity on him and helped him out, damned do gooders! They always ruin everything!There was going to be a second segment of The World According To Eric, which Eric first said he wanted to do, but then, when it came time for it, he said that he was just no longer feeling it tonight, siting the fact that giving Nathan his lap dance may have had something to do with why he was no longer in the mood for it, that also sounds wrong, "feeling it, and, "in the mood for it", given that it is Eric we are talking about here! It's probably just as well, given who it is that we are giving free reign to say whatever he wants to! Most of the time we have to stop him from talking. However, Eric did give out a few of his massages, which he is now calling Rubbie Dubbies. This week's passing of Rowdy Roddy Piper was talked about, and we musically paid him tribute as well, playing two of his theme songs, and a metal song with his name in the title, "Roddy Piper's Pot Pie". There were segments of Movie Time. At 3:30, The Cover Set. The last hour was The Old School Hour, with the final song of the night being one of Rowdy Roddy Piper's theme songs that I mentioned above...

- Fire Eater Wizard


Cradle of Filth "Walpurgis Eve / Yours Immortally..."

Pray of North "Bloodline"
Year of the Goat "Riders of Vultures"
Jimmy Hart "Roddy Piper"
Shrine of Insanabilis "Acausal Paths"
Rivers of Nihil "Reign of Dreams"
Rifftera "Lightbringer"
Grim Vision "War Machine"
Operation: Mindcrime "Re-Inventing the Future"
Pyogenesis "Steam Paves Its Way (The Machine)"
Agent Fresco "Dark Water"
Battlecross "Not Your Slave"
Heaven Shall Burn "Against All Lies"
Lynch Mob "Sanctuary"
Debauchery "Kneel Before the Dragon Gods"
Symphony X "Underworld"
Napalm Death "Beyond the Pale"
Karbholz "Lauter!"
Endeavor "Rowdy Roddy Piper's Pot Pie"
Lindemann "Skills in Pills"
Faith No More "Crack Hitler / As the Worm Turns - Live"
Xandria "Unembraced"
Mind at Large "Slip"
Coptic Rain "Outcast"
Braindance "Relentless"
Alice Cooper "Gimme"
Polyethylene "Counting Steps"
Slammer "No Excuses"
The Great Luke Ski "The Chainsaw Juggler"
Savage Grace "Ride into the Night"
enkElination "Reborn"
Oceans of Slumber "Solitude"
Love Like Blood "Love Under Will"
Kreator "Lucretia"
Needulhed "Whip It"
Pig "War Pigs"
Behemoth "Penetration"
Ire Clad "Feeds on Them"
Kataklysm "Marching Through Graveyards"
Black Fast "To Propagate the Void"
Chemical Burn "I Rise I Fly"
Crimson Sun "The Storm"
Cattle Decapitation "Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)"
Fear Factory "Autonomous Combat System"
Russkaja "Hometown Polka"
Leaves' Eyes "Blazing Waters"
VoiVod "Blower"
Flotsam and Jetsam "I Live, You Die (Metal Massacre version)"
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain"
Demolition Hammer ".44 Caliber Brain Surgery"
Dismal Euphony "All Little Devils"
Danzig "Her Black Wings"
Agent Steel "Still Searchin'"
Lion "Never Surrender"
Morgoth "Submission"
Bruce Dickinson "Power of the Sun"
Dream Theater "Afterlife"
Unter Null "Moving On (Essence of Mind Mix)
District Radio "Ruins"
Nekrogoblikon "Nekrogoblikon"
Wisdom in Chains "Mathmatics"
Elusive Travel "Fate"
Meka Nism "Phoenix"
Jimmy Hart "Roddy Piper"

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