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April 23, 2000 - We Love Satan Show


One of our early We Love Satan Shows. There are some breaks where tapes ran out, but most of it is here. The idea came about when one of the other station personal, made some comment about everyone who listens to Metal being into Satan. Azkath responded, that's right, We All LOVE Satan. Then the idea for the show was born. Focus on the Satanic music, and do it with a sense of humor and very tongue in cheek. Mostly...

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(R) = Requested

Dio "We Rock"
Darkane "Rape of Mankind"
Mutant "Demonworlds"
Avulsed "Nice Rotting Eyes"
Carnival in Coal "Fall from Grace"
Goatwhore "Satan's Millenium"
Eternal Suffering "Let the Dark Water's Flow"
Dung Beatles "Feed Kate Moss"
Mr. Downstairs "Professional Bastard"
Towpath "Desecrating the Grave"
Kid Rock "American Bad Ass"
Ultraspank "Crumble"
Acheron "Necromanteion Communion"
Centurian "Let Jesus Bleed"
Estuary of Calamity "A Mansion in Darkness"
Shield Your Eyes "23rd Rotation"
Kittie "Spit - Live"
Endura "Intra-Uterine Sabbat"
Slayer "South of Heaven"
White Skull "Gods of the Sea"
Teletubbies "Dirty Knees"
Anthropile "Ambulatory Meat Plants"
Soul Reaper "Satanized"
Cradle of Filth "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids" (R)
Rotton Sound "Super Satan"
This Revolution "Fun Wearing Underwear"
Rorschach Test "Satan"
South Park "Christmas Time in Hell"
Pitchshifter "Condescension"
Nok "Vent"
Ned Calls the 700 Club
Tearstained "Thunderstorms Ease Me"
Mutant "Dark Spheres"
The Great Kat "Satan Goes to Church"
Pig "Serial Killer Thriller" (R)
Mr. Downstairs "Nbred"
Type "O" Negative "Black No. 1" (R)
BoySetsFire "After the Eulogy"
The Dung Beatles "Head"
Mediaeval Babes "Kinderly"
Carnival in Coal "Baker Street"
Tommie Griggz "Top 40"
Pleasure Void "Perfect Mess"
Lawnmower Deth "Maim Mower Maim / Cobwoman of Death Meets Mr. Smellymop / Got No Legs, Don't Come Crawling to Me"
TNT "Klassick Romance / Last Summer's Evil"
SOD "Bigger than the Devil"
Razed in Black "Damage, Inc."
Static X "Burning Inside"
Torniquet "Servent of the Bones"
Dr. Know "Satan's Black World of Doom"
The Electric Hellfire Club "Unholy Roller"
Foetus "Dead Christain"
Night Conquers Day "The Perseverence of Ignorance"
Medley of Kookiness
Holy Terror "Christian Resistance"
Painful Meow "Sesame St."
Scepter "Humans Massaker - Holocaust Mix"
Lucid Nation "Bleed"
Aborym "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus / Metal Striken Terror Action"
Limbonic Art "Solace of the Shadows"
Pleasure Void "Breakout 99"
UP "Calendar"
Bruce Dickinson "Change of Heart - Live Acoustic"