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July 19, 2015 - Undead Messengers and The Metallic Onslaught

LEThe first part of the program, about an hour and a half, was prerecorded, because everyone was attending the The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show. When the live portion started, present were, EVD, Nathan, Rick and Randy from "The Metallic Onslaught", and the band Undead Messengers, who had been one of the bands performing at the above mentioned Show. Azkath played a song that Nathan had composed and recorded with a couple of friends, and he, Nathan, said it was for EVD. It was entitled "Metal Sex". It was, um, interesting... When asked how he felt after hearing it, EVD had one word, "Violated!". Azkath said he had something for Randy since he chose to smoke that night at the Haunt show... It was a brand new baking sheet, which he proceeded to bash Randy in the head with, repeatedly, 'til the baking sheet was pretty much destroyed. During one of the talk breaks, Azkath said he could hear Europe's "The Final Countdown" playing, and he couldn't figure out why, as that song is banned on LE, in this studio, at least. EVD said that he couldn't hear it, but Randy could, and so could I. Azkath had even created a computer virus to destroy that song on all of the computers, including other people's, like Tim's. Then they realized that Nathan was not around. Nathan was the culprit, and he found it highly amusing. He said it had been so worth it. He had found an untouched copy and had crawled beneath the board and plugged his phone into the jack for the background music. He got beaten senseless, totally knocked out cold, by Azkath, Rick wanted to participate in the beat down, too, but it was feared that this would kill the young, ninety five pound Bronie, which we don't want to do because he is fun to pick on. Later Azkath told Nathan not to look in a mirror, saying that apparently he had misunderstood, when he thought that EVD was a good hair stylist and barber. Well, ya know, mad scientist, hair dresser, those two things are easily confused. They told him everything would be fine, as long as he didn't look into a mirror. Undead Messengers updated us on the goings on with their band, and their plans. At 3:30, The cover set. There were segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

- Fire Eater Wizard

Mean Streak "Searching Forever"

Hydra Vein "Rather Death than False of Faith"
Indestructible Noise Command "Bed Time Stories"
Butcher Babies "Never Go Back"
Mutoid Man "Reptilian Soul"
The Porridgeface "Infinite Screams"
Chant "Manifesto"
Behold! The Monolith "The Mithriditist"
Children of Bodom "Morrigan"
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Howl at the Moon"
The Magick Way "Scuotiti, Oh Vita!"
Braindance "Eye of the Storm"
Speedtrap "Savage the Prey"
Totem Obscura vs Acylum "Nachwache"
Locrian "The Future of Death"
InAeona "Ghosts"
Funeral Throne "Through Transforming Fire"
Magister Templi "Lord of the Morning"
Meka-Nism "From Out of Nowhere"
Refused "Thought is Blood"
Metal Allegiance "Can't Kill the Devil"
Sabbath Assembly "Ave Satanas"
Symphony X "To Hell and Back"
Metal Sex
Enabler "By Demons Denied"
Iron Reagan "Miserable Failure"
enkElination "Changeling"
District Radio "Time of Crazy"
KMFDM "Brainwashed (KMFDM Remix)"
Helalyn Flowers "Karmageddon"
Lamb of God "Erase This"
Skepticism "The Road"
The Porridgeface "Deaf Forever"
Impious "Live Wire"
Paradise Lost "Walk (Away)"
Mose Giganticus "Mr. Roboto"
Memento Mori "16 Tons"
Killing Gandhi "Only the Strong Will Survive"
Immortal Bird "To a Watery Grave"
Black Tongue "In the Wake ov the Wolf"
Fvnerals "Oath"
Myrkur "Ma Du Braende i Helvede"
Karbholz "Die Damonen in Mir"
Sonick Plague "A View of Death"
Architects of Chaos "How Many Times"
K'annibal Women "Ghost People"
DH Project "A Dying Dream"
Tamtrum "Tantrum (New Version)"
If Man is Five "I Hand You My Universe and You Live Me"
Creeper "Testing Me"
Powermad "Nice Dreams (Bootcamp Version)"
Helloween "Twilight of the Gods"
VoiVod "Pre-Ignition"
Faith No More "Death March"
Atomkraft "The Cage"
Gang Green "We'll Give It To You"
Racer X "Gone Too Far - Live"
Holy Terror "The Immoral Wasteland"
Fates Warning "Time Long Past / Exodus"
Crimson Glory "Edge of Forever"
Night Conquers Day "The Consequence of Action"
My Dying Bride "Sear Me MCMXCIII"
Savatage "If I Go Away"
The Nefilim "Chaocracy"
Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Sopor Fratem Mortis Est"

The Movie